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Is Owen Joyner Gay? All Details About Celeb’s Personal Life & Career

Owen Joyner is a young American actor who has been active in the theatre and TV industry for the past few years. The actor is most well known for his roles in 100 Things To Do Before High School’ and Julie And The Phantoms. However, people do not really know much about the personal life of the actor. So, let’s discuss his life and career while we try to find out if Owen Joyner is gay.

Is Owen Joyner Gay?

In 2020, in Netflix’s musical drama series Owen Joyner appeared in the role of gay Alex Mercer. In the show, Alex was the love interest of Booboo Stewart’s Willie. The duo shared such amazing on-screen chemistry that many people started wondering whether Owen Joyner is gay in his real life. However, the actor has never commented on these rumors on his part. 

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Thus it is very hard to determine whether one is gay or not. However, according to several reports the, Joyner’s name has been linked with multiple women like Maeve Tomalty, Savannah Lee May, and Isabela Moner. Therefore, based on everything we know, our guess is Owen Joyner is not gay but a straight male in real life.

While talking about his character in the show Julie and The Phantoms, Owen said No much changed with how he wanted to execute the character after he learned that he was gay. He said that he was honored because of Kenny Ortega trusted him to play the role, and the character had an important message for all the youngsters watching. He also said that he just wanted to play the character earnestly, respectfully, and do something people would be proud of.


Owen Joyner’s career as an actor took a leap when he played a lead role in the play Camp Rock as Nate Jones. His performance in the play helped him pivoting his career in his career. Owen landed the role of Christian in the teen drama series ‘100 Things To Do Before High School. This show was a massive success and jumpstarted Joyner’s career, as he became a star overnight after his role. After that, Joyner once again returned to the theatre plays and acted in the drama, ‘Good News.

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On the other hand, Owen tried his hand at singing as well. Meanwhile, he also acted in the stage adaptation of the children’s story ‘The Wizard of Oz. However, in the year 2013, Owen made his way back back to television with the Nickelodeon superhero series ‘Thundermans’. This series was widely successful and became one of the longest-running shows on Nickelodeon. Meanwhile, in 2018 Joyner appeared on another Nick show, ‘Knight Squad’. The comedy show was created by the same team behind ‘Thundermans’. Joyner played the lead role of Arc in the show. After that, in 2020, Owen Joyner worked in the musical drama series called Julie and the Phantoms.

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