Utopia Season 2: Canceled Or Renewed? Know What The Writer Of The Show Has To Say

The American remake of the British conspiracy comedy-drama series Utopia premiered on Amazon Prime in November 2021. The first season, which ended on a dire cliffhanger, left fans wondering what happens next to Jessica and how the gang will save her. So, keep reading if you also want to know all about Utopia Season 2.

What To Expect From Utopia Season 2?

The first season of the series followed a group of comedy buffs who are on a quest to find out a script titled Utopia. They learned that a prequel titled Dystopia has apparently predicted tragic outbreaks like the SARS and MERS. The group meets Jessica Hyde, who claims to be the girl in the book. Along with her, the pack seeks to discover the manuscript to predict and prevent future pandemics. However, their task is hampered by a corrupt biotech tycoon, Dr. Kevin Christie. 

Utopia Season 2

In the first season finale, Agent Katherine Miller kidnaps Jessica Hyde and discloses that she is the main culprit, Mr. Rabbit. Meanwhile, Jessica drops the manuscript outside the window, but it does not affect Miller as she tells Jessica that the script was just a puppet to trap her. In the last scenes of the series, we see Miller going to Jessica’s father and telling him that she has his daughter.

When the series returns for Utopia Season 2, it may continue the story after the events of the season one finale. Miller told Jessica that she wants to create a paradise-like world where people are not slaves to their biological urges in the last season. In her world vision, people will not make their own choices. And since Miller now has Jessica, she will start devising a plan to use her in achieving her goal. However, the pack of nerds will do everything in their power to rescue Jessica and stop Miller from accomplishing her plan. Utopia Season 2 may explore more about Jessica’s father and his intentions. On the other hand, it may also give a background on The Network.

Utopia Season 2 Cast!

Utopia Season 2

The star cast of Utopia contains some excellent actors like Sasha Lane as Jessica Hyde. The Office famed Rainn Wilson plays Michael Stearns in the series. Dr. Kevin Christieis played John Cusack, Cory Michael Smith essays Thomas Christie, and Christopher Denham plays the character of Arby.

In addition, the star cast features Dan Byrd as Ian. Ashleigh LaThrop as Becky. Javon Walton as Grant and Sonja Sohn as Agent Katherine Miller. Other cast members include Desmin Borges as Wilson Wilson, Farrah Mackenzie in the role of Alice, Jeanine Serralles as Colleen, Jessica Rothe as Samantha, Felisha Terrell as Hailey. When the series returns for another season, we expect most of these actors to return in their roles.

Is Utopia A Real Story?

Amazon's 'Utopia' Trailer Introduces the New Apocalypse at Comic-Con -  Variety

‘Utopia’ isn’t based on a true story, to be sure. The Prime Video series is a remake of the British show of the same name, which aired on Channel 4 from January 15, 2013, until August 12, 2014. Season 1 of the American adaptation is said to include a number of directors. The directors of photography are Shawn Kim and Stephen Pehrsson. The series is being produced by Amazon Studios in partnership with Kudos Productions and Endemol Shine North America Distribution.

Dennis Kelly, whose earlier works include Spooks and Pulling, devised the British version of the series. Even though the date is simply accidental, ‘Utopia’ is an immensely relevant show because of the global pandemic, despite its distinct conspiratorial and magical tones.

Utopia Season 2: Release Date

Utopia Season 2

The first season of the drama series dropped on Amazon Prime on September 25, 2020. Now talking about the second season, there has not been confirmation from Amazon Prime whether there will be Utopia Season 2 or not. The ending of the first season is a clear indication that showrunner Gillian Flynn envisioned the show with more than one season. But unless Amazon Prime makes an official announcement, we can not say anything with certainty.

One of the writers on the show, Glen Weldon, mentioned in an interview, “There’s certainly been a healthy appetite for shows like The Boys and Utopia out there. which offer ugly, mean-spirited visions of humanity as a miserable collection of gullible fools who are only too eager to allow themselves to get manipulated by institutions.” He continued, “With its cascade of images of death tolls and triage tents and quarantine zones and health workers in PPE and street protests and harried CDC officials? That’s just the beleaguered world around us.”

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