April 14, 2024
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The Owl House Season 3: Preview Video Out! Luz On A New Mission, Releasing Soon

The Owl House Season 3

Luz and her friends will get more adventurous this week as The Owl House’s new season returns to the screen. Executive producer Dana Terrace has already shared a glimpse of the show’s new season at the Comic-Con festival. And recently, a new trailer has been released. Last month, she also shared a poster teasing ominous things to come. It features Luz and her friends standing in a place that appears to be a graveyard. With that, fans have been highly enthralled to know when will The Owl House Season 3 release. Keep reading if you are also curious to find out-


“The Owl House” Season 3 Preview Video: Luz On A New Mission

The trailer for The Owl House Season 3 recently came out. In that, fans saw Luz and her gang return to take on new difficulties, with more mystery and suspense in the clip. The video begins with a depressed Luz telling her story to her diary while events from the show’s previous season flash across the screen. The preview video for the third season also teases the new outfits of additional characters such as Gus, Hunter, Willow, and Amity.

The trailer also involves a few characters’ personal lives. Hunter’s struggle for identification will be central to the next season, while Luz and Amity’s bond will likely become stronger with time.

What is “The Owl House” Season 3 Release Date?

“The Owl House” Season 3 will hit your screen this week. The show is set to be aired on October 15, 2022 at 9 PM ET on DisneyNow.  Unlike the last two seasons, this season will have three episodes of 44 minutes each. That’s equivalent to the six episodes of last season.

Moreover, S3 is also the last season of the show. Most of the cast members will return for the new season. Sarah Nicole Robles will reprise her character of Luz Noceda, while Wendie Malick will be seen as Eda. Other cast members include Tati Gabrielle, Zeno Robinson, Michaela Dietz, Avi Roque, Issac Ryan Brown, Fryda Wolff, and Elizabeth Grullon.

Why Did Disney Cancel The Show?

Although The Owl House Season 3 has returned, fans are unhappy to learn that it is the final season. Disney canceled the series because it “didn’t fit the brand.” Nonetheless, the series drew much attention due to its varied cast and innovative narrative. It has quickly come into the limelight for the inclusion of queer relationships and the female lead. Unfortunately, the show is canceled after the third season, and the episode duration is also reduced.

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