June 13, 2024
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Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 7: Queen Dowager Cho Vs. Queen & Crown Prince

Under The Queen's Umbrella Episode 7

Since the show’s beginning, Queen has been trying hard to pave the path for her sons to become the next King of Joseon. However, the path won’t be simple for her. Now in Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 7, she will once again cross paths with Queen Dowager, who will continue to create problems in her way. Well, everyone tried their best to kill Crown Prince. However, with Queen by his side, nothing can harm him. But can she continue to protect the Crown Prince? Let’s see!

Under The Queen's Umbrella Episode 7

Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 7: What Will Happen Next?

The news spread like wildfire that Queen has saved the Crown Prince. So Queen Dowager Cho will try to screw the Queen’s life. She will continue to make a formal request to question Queen and her connection with non-Western medicines. However, the Queen will try her best to dodge the situation in order to protect her and Crown Prince’s life. However, physician Kwon will double cross Queen and spill out everything. Later the meeting about Queen and deposed Queen Yoon will be revealed. Meanwhile, Grand Prince Seongnam will focus on his growth, and Prince Bogeom will wonder about his status.

Under The Queen's Umbrella Episode 7

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, Queen appeared powerless as she was unclear who would be the next Crown Prince. Meanwhile, Queen Dowager Cho held a gathering to learn various princes’ opinions on the most crucial traits of their future Queen and King. His Majesty had a word with the Queen to seek into the possibility of the future of the Grand Heir. They discussed the supposed demise of the Crown Prince. It made Queen angry as she knew the poisoning death was intended to encourage the Taekhyeon and discredit her. In contrast, her Majesty tried hard to sort out the problems on his end. But Consort Hwang’s late-night visit to Won-hyeong created a problem.

Meanwhile, the concubine tried to defend her when Prince Uiseong uncovered that the Queen had poisoned the Crown Prince, leading Grand Prince Seongnam to threaten him. Later the scene shifted to Cheong-ha, where her Majesty was wondering about the second child. Seongnam was later told to stay in Jonghak to study one book daily for threatening Uiseong. He couldn’t leave the place until he mastered the book thoroughly. Consort Tae told Soo-gwang about the non-Western medicine that healed the Crown Prince, who later reported to Won-hyeong.

Under The Queen's Umbrella Episode 7

Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 7: Release Date

Well, fans will finally learn about Queen’s next move and how she will deal with the new challenge. You can catch it on Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 7, which will air on November 5, 2022, at 9.10 pm KST on tvN. You can also stream it on Netflix once the show wraps up broadcasting the show. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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