April 12, 2024
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One Dollar Lawyer Ep 12: Ji-hun Might Die! Will Joo-young Ever Get Justice? Know Where To Watch

One Dollar Lawyer Ep 12

Fans have eagerly waited for One Dollar Lawyer Ep 12 for the past two weeks. The story ended on a huge cliffhanger where the fate of Ji-hun remained unclear. However, he is determined to find justice for his deceased lover. But it doesn’t look like he will get justice soon. The path will be filled with challenges as he has to face an honorable man in his mission. It remains unclear how Ji-hun will deal with the matter. But one thing is clear he will find himself in a miserable position. Keep reading to know more.


One Dollar Lawyer Ep 12: What Will Happen Next?

The short teaser hints that Ji-hun will disappear. After the previous episode, Ji-hun’s close allies Mu-Jang and Mari will believe he has disappeared. The teaser hints that Ji-hun will continue to chase the bad guys, and in this case, he will be after the President. He won’t stop until he puts the rich, powerful, and greedy man behind bars. But the teaser also focused on a mysterious man who falls into the river. Has he died? Well, it will be revealed in the final episode. Further, it remains unclear how Ji-hun will get justice for the late Lee Joo-young.

One Dollar Lawyer Ep 12

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, Ji-hun followed Min-Chul and came across Hyun-mu. It was a revelation that made Ji-hun more interested in those events. So he followed Min-Chul down pristine hallways but eventually lost him as a guard was outside the room. Soon Mu-Jang came and tried to break into enemy territory to learn intel. It appeared that some shady action was going on inside. After that event, Ji-hun followed Min-Chul and picked up a knife to stab him in front of everyone. But he somehow stopped himself from making a terrible mistake.

Later, Jin-hun went outside to face JQ Group’s chairman, Choi Ki-Seok, who murdered his father. But deciding to participate in the auction forced him to talk to Min-Chul. This was the moment when he almost stabbed him. But stopped after Ju-Yeong face flashed. Back at home, Ji-hun added another name to his killing list while thinking about Ju-Yeong. The following morning, Mu-Jang and Mari worried about Ji-hun and how they could help him. Later Ji-hun visited Mari at the law office and asked what she would do if the person she loved the most did something despicable. Her answer somewhat satisfied Ji-hun.

One Dollar  Lawyer Ep 12

One Dollar Lawyer Ep 12: Release Date

The show has been hyping episode 12 for the past couple of weeks. Now it is finally here, so fans can catch it on One Dollar Lawyer Ep 12, which will air on November 11, 2022, at 6.30 pm KST. International fans can catch it on Disney+. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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