The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 7

The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 7: Lisa Threat, Homer’s Mistake!

Since the beginning of this season, the Simpsons family has been coming up with unexpected storylines to entertain their fans. Now in The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 7, Lisa will again be the show’s focus. Well, Lisa’s story arc has always been hilarious. She always finds a way to deal with the situation and exaggerates everything. Once again, she will find a way to create a mess among The Simpsons family. Keep reading to know more.

The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 7: What Will Happen Next?

The following is titled “From Beer To Paternity,” which hints that the main focus will be on paternity. After spending a week in their hectic routine, the family will finally head to celebrate their weekend. Homer, Duffman, and Lisa go on a road trip. To entertain Duffman’s girl, Homer will do something to create chaos among the trio. But to sort everything, Homer will try to amend with Lisa and Duffman’s girl. However, Lisa threatens Homer that she will explode him and reveal his terrible parenting.

The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 7

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode opened up with Marge selecting a book for Maggie. Ultimately, she picked a book named The Pookadook. It was so bizarre that Marge stopped reading. However, Maggie insisted on continuing. Maggie screamed in fear later that night as the book somehow entered her crib, and Marge rushed and tore it apart. But soon, Marge turned monstrous, proving she was right about the book. Marge then headed towards Maggie to stab her, but their family stopped her. Later that day, Marge tried to stab Maggie again, but she outsmarted her. But Marge soon realized she was in possession and apologized to Maggie for her behavior.

After getting free from the book ghost, the scene shifts to Tokyo, where Lisa finds a Death Tomb, the diary of the God of death. Any person whose name appears in the diary would meet their death. But there was a condition the cause of death couldn’t be repeated. She saw the news and decided to test the book. Her test was a success, and soon God of death appeared and told her that now the book belonged to her. But warned her that she would be in charge of death. Soon weird things started taking place in the city, and the family decided to flee.

The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 7

The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 7: Air Date

A lot has happened in The Simpsons following the God of death arc now the family will face another huge challenge. You will catch it in The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 7, which will air on Sunday, November 13, 2022, at 5 pm PT/ 8 pm ET on Fox. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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