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Matty Healy Gay: Is He In A Secret Relationship With A Male Dubai Fan?

The UK’s most famous and well-known artist Matty Healy has gained much criticism for his behavior and addiction. While he remained the talk of the town because of his drug addiction, his sensual act in a concert created a buzz around the internet. Soon fans started to question; is Matty Healy Gay? Well, despite his past relationships, things turned darker for him as he had been trapped in various controversies twice a row. But despite this, his fan following is amazing. Now let’s learn more about Matty Healy and how he managed to gain immense following and fame.

Matty Healy

Early Life

Born and raised on April 8, 1989, in London, England, Matty Healy is a British-born Caucasian. His birth name is Matthew Timothy Healy. Matty was born into an entertainment industry family. His mother is a soap opera actress Denise Healy, and his father is Tim Healy. Matty also has a brother named Louis. At the age of 4, he started practicing drums. He graduated from Wilmslow High School and started jamming with his friends in 2004. The group started performing punk, a cover of pop music and rock. Soon at the age of fifteen, they started writing their own songs.

Matty didn’t take much time to become the primary lyricist and did a wonderful job developing their sound. However, in 2012, his parents got divorced. Later his mom started dating Lincoln Townley, who is her husband. Matty’s brother, Louis, was also influenced by his brother and started a career as a YouTube musician. As for Matty and his pals, they performed various songs like “The Big Sleep,” “Drive Like I Do,” and “Me and You Versus Them.” He earned three GCSEs but didn’t want to go to school as it would interfere with his career. But his mom insisted he join a music college, but he only stayed there for three months and got expelled.

Matty Healy


During his teenage year, Matty joined- The 1975- as a drummer. Later he stepped in as the band’s lead guitarist and singer after the exit of the previous one. Their first EP, “Facedown’s” lead track “The Cit,” debuted on national radio in 2012. Later it became a big smash on BBC Radio 1. His second EP, “Sex’s” new song “Chocolate,” launched in 2013. The same year they released their first album named “Self-titled.” It didn’t take much time for his album to become a big sensation on YouTube. Later they went on an international tour of Ireland.

The band performed in UK festivals, including Royal Albert Hall, as a part of their tour. The same year, the band performed with the Rolling Stones. Their second album, “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It,” again turned out as a blockbuster hit. Soon he launched his third album, “Music For Cars.” Later in 2016, the band launched a digital music video for their hit song “The Sound.” Still, fans are curious to know if Matty Healy gay or straight in real life.

Matty Healy

Personal Life

Matty Healy’s Dating History!

The charming guy Matty Healy was in a relationship with the model Gemma Janes. However, their long-term relationship ended in 2014. It was a sad time for him as he didn’t find a way to cope with the changes. Soon the rumors surfaced that Matty was dating Taylor Swift. However, they later cleared that they had only a professional relationship. As of now, he isn’t involved with anyone romantically. But recently, he revealed that he longs for someone’s touch and care.

Is Matty Healy Gay?

Although he has dated females in the past, his action at his Dubai concert let fans question his sexuality. Many started wondering whether Matty Healy gay or not. Well, he kissed his male fan during his concert in Dubai, going against the norms of Dubai. As soon as the pride’s flag was raised in the background, the cops took no time to arrest the concert organizer. They also wanted to kick Matty off the stage as he kissed one of his male fans. However, Matty revealed that loving a human isn’t wrong, and what he did was unintentional. He just felt something, and boom. However, Matty has never revealed that he likes men. Hence his sexuality remains a big question.

Controversy & Rumors

In May 2020, Matty faced backlash because of his fiery tweet. In the surge of black lives matter protests after the death of George Floyd, he wrote a sensitive criticism. Well, Matty follows his culture sincerely. Thus his opinions were quite contradictory. He tweeted that if you truly believe in the slogan, you should stop facilitating the end of black ones. Soon after this, he got highly criticized, creating problems for himself.

Net Worth

Matty Healy has a net worth of estimated around $15 million, which he amassed through his hard work and creative endeavors. Not only did he gain enormous money, but he also gained a name and fame. His band travels a lot and plays at various events and concerts. Through his public image, he managed to amass more millions.

What do you think Matty did right by breaking Dubai’s norms? Do you think Matty is gay? Comment down your thoughts below. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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