Choco Milk Shake Ep 10

Choco Milk Shake Ep 10: Milk’s Trauma Makes Chaos In His Life! WATCH

The protagonist will have difficulty dealing with their personal problem in Choco Milk Shake Ep 10. This is because they made a mess in the previous episode and now don’t know how to handle the situation. As of now, the audience likes BL drama a lot. The unique story is captivating, and people around the world like it. However, they will witness a new dynamic in the upcoming episode, which will change everything between Choco and Milk. Keep reading to know more.

Choco Milk Shake Ep 10: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming episode will focus on Milk and his decision. He decided to spend his night with his boss, a decision he made in his drunken state, and he wasn’t aware of it. Back then, Milk wasn’t in the right shape, and now it will create a problem for him. He will wake up beside his boss and regret his decision, creating a mess in his professional life. Now he has more problems for himself and doesn’t know how to deal with them. Will Jung-Woo help him in this situation?

Choco Milk Shake Ep 10

Meanwhile, Choco is seeking some answers and wants to learn more about Jung-Woo’s relationship with his ex-boyfriend. He wants to know whether the two of them are back together. His partner has already left him in misery, and now he wants to return. So Choco believes that his ex might have something in his mind that he keeps away from him.

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, Jung-Woo’s former boyfriend appeared at the café, surprising him. But later, the two went for a stroll. Choco and Milk seemed worried to see him return to the park, pissing Milk off. So he headed to the café for a drink as he was depressed after watching them together. Instead of spending his money on drinks, he requested Jung-Woo’s uncle buy a drink for him as he wasn’t in the right mood and was heartbroken.

Choco Milk Shake Ep 10

Meanwhile, Choco was waiting for Jung-Woo at the park, and when he returned, he spotted Choco back there, much to Jung-Woo’s delight. Choco noticed that his friend tried to ignore him and sneak out of place. As for Milk, he was depressed and didn’t want to face reality. He drank too much, so he decided to share a bed with his boss. Although they were far apart, he wanted to forget the whole day.

Choco Milk Shake Ep 10: Release Date

Choco and Milk will try to deal with their personal complications. But it has something to do with Jung-Woo, and now they must find a way out of this situation. You will learn it in Choco Milk Shake Ep 10, which will air on December 6, 2022, at 6 pm KST. You can stream it on Strongbrry’s YouTube channel. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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