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Miranda Rijnsburger Net Worth: Is She Living A Lavish Life After Marrying Enrique Iglesias’ Father? Know Her Biography

Fans probably know the gorgeous model and Julio Iglesias’s spouse Miranda Rijnsburger. But do you know about her personal life? She has kept her life private and never revealed anything on social media. In fact, she has stayed out of the public eye since she wed Enrique Iglesias’s father, Julio. Has it something to do with Julio? Let us clarify that the couple still loves each other a lot. But keep reading to know more about Miranda Rijnsburger Net Worth, her biography, and why she continues to live a private life.

Early Life

Born on October 5, 1965, Leimuiden, Netherlands, Miranda Johanna Maria Rijnsburger is Dutch by birth. However, she has Spanish nationality. After elementary school, she joined an institution at Alphen aan den Rijn. Later she enrolled in a secretarial course. Miranda loves to keep her personal life private, so she never makes any appearances on social media. Sadly she lost her father when she was 24 years. Her father, a crane operator, died from a brain tumor.

Miranda Rijnsburger

She has a younger sister named Anitta. They both grew up in a houseboat in the same town. Her mother, Paula Bakker, died in April 2020 due to a long illness. Paula lived with Miranda in Miami. She supported her daughter through thick and thin after her father died, and the pain can be easily seen in her grandchildren’s social networks.

Miranda Rijnsburger Career

After her father died, things turned upside-down. Miranda was affected by the loss and decided to take a few weeks off from her job. Initially, she started her career in the technology industry with a 9-5 job in Rotterdam. She left the place and went to Saint Lucia, Caribbean, to spend some time alone. But there, a Canadian photographer convinced her to pose for him. It was the starting step of her modeling career.

Miranda Rijnsburger

Later Miranda joined the fashion industry and started traveling to several different countries during her year-long modeling career. However, she faced plenty of complications during her modeling journey. But with time, she gained popularity. Several agencies then contacted Miranda Rijnsburger, becoming the highest-demanding model in Spain. She continued her modeling career even after being in a relationship. Miranda also modeled in various commercials, campaigns, and more. However, she decided to call it off when she got ready to start her family. Miranda eventually decided to control the reins of the family economy.

Personal Life

How Miranda Met Her Spouse?

Miranda met Enrique Iglesias’ dad Julio Iglesias at the Jakarta airport, Indonesia, in 1990. Both were traveling when they first saw each other. Julio revealed in an interview it was love at first sight. He told his friend about his feelings and wanted to marry that little girl. Julio later approached her and asked her to join him on his tour of Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Tokyo. Miranda, without any hesitation, accepted it. At that time, Julio was 47, and Miranda was just 25.

Miranda Rijnsburger

Once Miranda also opened up about her meeting with Julio. She revealed that she saw him at the airport surrounded by girls. First, she thought one of them could be his wife. But Miranda remained stunned when Julio approached her and asked her to join his tour. After their tour, he accompanied her to the Netherlands for Christmas. They started spending time together. Julio also invited her to his New Year’s concert in Las Vegas. Soon, she learned about his feelings for her and settled down in his house in Indian Creek in 1991.

Miranda Was Least Interested To Marry Julio

Soon the couple started dating each other. But both kept their relationship private. Because of their age gap, things might have turned negative. So, instead of revealing the truth, they silently stayed in their relationship. After spending 20 years together finally, Julio decided to marry her. The loving duo said “I do” in Malaga at a private ceremony at the couple’s ranch in Ojen, near Marbella. Apparently, they only invited their close ones to their wedding.

Miranda Rijnsburger

However, Julio later revealed that Miranda was least interested in getting married. After spending twenty years together, she already felt like his wife. But for the singer, it was the second marriage. Julio was previously married to Filipina Isabel Presell Arrestee, television host, journalist, and former model. He had three children with Isabel. They are Maria Isabel aka Chabeli (Spanish socialite and journalist), Julio Jose, and Enrique Miguel Iglesias, who needs no introduction. But sadly, the couple separated in 1979.

Miranda Rijnsburger Children

Julio and Miranda had children before their marriage. While they were staying together, the duo welcomed their first child Miguel Alejandro, on September 7, 1997. And after two years, they welcomed their second son, Rodrigo, on April 3, 1999. They were happy together. And soon, a couple of years later, they welcomed gorgeous twins, Victoria and Cristina, on May 1, 2000. After their marriage, the couple welcomed their youngest child, Guillermo, on May 5, 2007.

Miranda Rijnsburger

Julio’s Possession

After taking vows, the couple moved to their new home in the Dominican Republic. There, Julio acquired several hotel complexes, Punta Cana International Airport, and golf courses. However, he jointly acquired everything with other investors, including Oscar de la Renta, a fashion designer. Miranda later moved with her children to Miami a few years ago to support their careers.

Miranda Rijnsburger

Her Passion For Horses

Miranda is in love with horses. She loves to care for them and follows her passion for them with her children. In the European summer, the family moved to Marbella to spend their time in Cuatro Lunas. Not only Miranda but her daughters are animal lovers. They have plenty of canine pets and love to upload pictures with them. In fact, her daughter has created an Instagram profile under the name of Iglesiaszoo.

Miranda Rijnsburger Net Worth

Miranda Met With A Fatal Accident

The gorgeous lady was about to die when she was just 19 years old. Miranda went skiing for the first time. She decided to start skiing on a black slope. But unfortunately, she lost her control when she jumped down and ended up falling. The star’s wife got fractures in the nose and vertebra. That accident almost cost her life. But she is now alright and living happily with her family.

Miranda Rijnsburger

Miranda Rijnsburger Net Worth

Despite her keeping her finances private, as per the source, Miranda Rijnsburger net worth is $600 million. Before this, her net worth was expected to be more. She had huge wealth when she was in her prime. But now she had taken a break from modeling. However, she still has plenty of assets and investments to keep her business afloat.

Does Miranda need to work, especially when she married the richest artist in the world? Do you want to know about Miranda and Enrique’s relationship? Comment down your thoughts below. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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