Neal Bledsoe Gay

Neal Bledsoe Gay: Star’s Statement Before Leaving Great American Family Questioned His Sexuality!

The famous Canadian-American actor has become the talk of the town when his one statement let fans wonder whether Neal Bledsoe Gay. Well, fans have raised this question from time to time. However, his personal life remained a mystery. But for the first time, he opened up about his thoughts and how everything hurt him, especially the queer comment. Has it something to do with his sexuality? Indeed! So let’s dive deeper into the famous actor and what Neal has to say about his sexuality.

Early Life

Neal Bledsoe was born in Toronto on March 26, 1981, and raised in Seattle, Washington. Both of his grandfathers were in the Air Force during World War II. The actor’s maternal grandfather bombed the Nazi oil refinery at Ploiesti and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. In fact, he is the fourth cousin of former NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe. Neal’s mother was an estate planner and life insurance underwriter before becoming the company’s executive who worked worldwide. His father did Ph.D. in Sociology under the philosopher Marshall McLuhan from the University of Toronto.

Neal Bledsoe

During his grown-up period, he moved fourteen times around Seattle. He lived in Ballard, Bainbridge Island, Capitol Hill, Downtown, Edmonds, Fermont, Magnolia, Ravenna, Queen Anne, and West Seattle. Neal enrolled in Roosevelt High School and Garfield High School. Both were in Seattle. He also studied an Ascent within the CEDU system of schools before graduating from the Shawnigan Lake School. Later he did his post-graduation from Idyllwild Arts Academy. He grew as a writer and actor. Later, he enrolled at the North Carolina School of the Arts, where Neal graduated under renowned theater director Gerald Freedman.

Neal Bledsoe Career

A Quick Start As An Actor

Soon after getting out of school, Neal booked as a pilot opposite Kelly Lynch within a month after graduating from school. He worked steadily for the next few years until 2009, which was a complete breakthrough for him. The year he appeared on Ugly Betty and Gossip Girl. He then starred in the shows like Smash, Law and Order: SVU, The Man In The High Castle, Ironside, Timeless, The Mysteries of Laura, and Code Black. He recently appeared in Shameless.

Neal Bledsoe

Neal also won several awards for his work in movies like West End, Junction, and After the Sun Fell. He even appeared in Sex and the City 2 and Revolutionary Road. But he briefly appeared there, which was quite unnoticeable. Recently he did a western, A Soldier’s Revenge, which starred Val Kilmer. Apart from this, Neal also worked in Impressionism, the Broadway production. It was Stephen Wadsworth’s Figaro Plays at the McCarter Theatre. He also appeared in The Pride, another play performed at the Walls Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.

Neal’s Writing Career

The famous actor is also known for his writing career. He has written poems, films, cartoons, short stories, essays, and articles. In 2014, Neal contributed to Sports Illustrated’s MMQB. The Delicate Moron, his long-form series, he tried to play for the Los Angeles Kiss. He also published Men’s Health magazine on former NFL Rashard Mendenhall, the Ballers writer.

Neal Bledsoe

He Steps Into Filmmaking

In 2015, Neal got an opportunity to write, star, and direct a short Primary. The film is based on open relationships and was heavily influenced by John Cassavetes, Helen Fisher, and Esther Perel’s work. The project exclusively deals with a diverse range of people and their relationships.

Neal Bledsoe

Is Neal Bledsoe Gay?

After Neal left Great American Family holiday movies, fans had plenty of questions to ask, especially the reason behind his departure made them wonder about his sexuality. Before diving deeper into his sexuality, let’s focus on his statement first. Following Candace Cameron Bure’s statement, Neal stated that his support for the LGBTQIA+ community was unconditional. He added that nothing was worth living free, and he was lucky to share such a life with them. Neal didn’t want to comfort them, but he wanted to say that everyone was free to follow their belief.

Unfortunately, the leader of GAF had conflicting thoughts, and their comment hurt him. Neal added that he was raised as a Christian and believed in forgiveness and love. So he doesn’t feel like continuing with the network which selects to exclude the LGBTQIA+ community. Neal’s statement appeared after GAF executive Bill Abbott said they wouldn’t follow queer love stories and would continue to follow traditional marriage at the core. Does that mean Neal Bledsoe gay?

Neal Disgusted Over Executive Thinking

In his Instagram post, he said that this behavior is unacceptable, especially when someone in an executive position is talking about such a thing on behalf of the entire network. Neal said traditional marriage is similar to baffling and called it a moot point. For instance, romantic movies feature people meeting and falling in love instantly and never focusing on marriage or married couples. So what’s the issue with people falling in love with the same gender? He addressed, “we all are human,” so it’s natural and normal. But the executive replied that they didn’t say about queer love. It was just they didn’t want to focus on such a subject.

Neal Bledsoe

Neal’s Sexuality

While many believe Neal is gay as he supports LGBTQIA+ a lot. A source confirmed that Neal isn’t gay. In fact, he is in a relationship with Asha Leo, a TV host, and model in the United Kingdom. However, he kept his personal life private. But the source claimed that their fans and followers knew about their relationship, which never remained hidden.

Neal Bledsoe

Neal Bledsoe: Net Worth

As per the source, Neal’s estimated net worth is around $8 million. Well, he’s a famous writer, filmmaker, and actor and has done plenty of things in his life. Further, he genuinely supports Pride and supports and follows the LGBTQIA+ community. Although only a few things are available about him, his huge success is the reason behind his massive net worth.

What do you think Neal Bledsoe did right, leaving the GAF? Is he really not gay? Comment down your thoughts below. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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