Tommy Smothers

Tommy Smothers Gay: Net Worth, Sexuality & All The Details About His Personal Life

Thomas Bolyn Smothers, or as his fans call him, Tommy Smothers, is a Canadian-American musician and comedian. He is best known for his show, Smothers Brothers. Meanwhile, even after a several decade-long career, Tom’s personal life is little-known among his fans. So let’s take a look at it and try to find out Tommy Smothers is gay. 

Early Life!

Tom Smothers was born February 2, 1937, at the Fort Jay army post-hospital on Governors Island in New York City. His mother, Ruth, was a homemaker, and he was Thomas B. Smothers, a major in the army. He died during service as POW, of the Japanese, in April 1945. 

Tommy Smothers
Tommy Smothers

He completed his high school education at Redondo Union High School in Redondo Beach, California, after relocating there. Tommy excelled at gymnastics on the parallel bars in his early years and was an enthusiastic and competitive unicyclist. Smothers later enrolled in San José State University, which was formerly known as San José State College. Smothers competed in pole vaulting for the track team at SJSC in addition to gymnastics.


Tom and his younger brother Dick started out as folk musicians. They started mixing humor into their music shows since they were not musically qualified to pursue it professionally at the time.

Tommy Smothers

From the early 1960s until the early 1970s, he started making appearances as a guest star and recurrent character on TV series. Smoothers Brother premiered and ran for one year. They then began “The Brothers Comedy Hour,” which, throughout its run, got increasingly political before being suddenly discontinued. He has since collaborated with his brother on performances for TV shows and movies. He was given a special Emmy in 2008.

Is Tommy Smothers Gay? 

Much like other celebrities of his stature, Tommy Smothers has also inspired some curiosity among his fans about his sexuality and personal life. However, based on the information available, we can say that Smothers is not gay. For most of his life, Tom has been in romantic relationships with women.

The American comedian has had several relationships. The veteran comic had been married three times and apparently had relationships with two more women over his eight decades of life. Three children were born to him through two of the three women. In 1963, he wed Stephanie Shorr. Three years were spent in the marriage. Thomas Bolyn Smothers was born into the couple’s family before it terminated in 1967.

Tommy Smothers

He persisted in looking for a second marriage despite the fact that his previous marriage ended in divorce. In 1974, he wed Rochelle Robley. The marriage only lasted a year before things started to fall apart. They split up in 1976. Marcy Carriker, his current wife, is his wife. In 1990, the pair took their wedding vows. She gave birth to a boy and a daughter, Bo Smothers and Riley Rose. 

Aside from the ladies he married, there are rumors that the elderly comic had other relationships in the past. In the late 1960s, it was said that he dated Farrah Fawcett, an actress. For her part in Charlie’s Angels, she was highly recognized. Additionally, He spent a few months with Barbra Streisand, a singer and stage actress. She rose to fame because of the Funny Girl production that ran on Broadway.

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