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David DeLuise Gay: Did He Came Out About His Sexuality? Details About His Wife & Net Worth

Wizards Of Waverly Place star David DeLuise recently recreated some adorable moments with his co-star on their famous Disney Channel’s hit show. Soon after their video, the news surfaced that the creator and star were talking about its reboot. However, DeLuise never said anything about this. Amid this news, many started exploring the personal life of DeLuise. However, the popular star is currently single, making fans question his sexuality. Is David DeLuise gay? Keep reading to know this.

Motivation Behind Pursuing Acting Career

Born on November 11, 1971, in Los Angeles, David DeLuise’s parents’ career influenced him to pursue acting. He had spent his youth in the company of famous people and actors, which greatly motivated him. Although his early career remains unclear, he landed his first leading role in “BachelorMan” in 2003. Then he appeared in a recurring role in “3rd Rock From The Sun” and was one of the regular cast on Jesse in its first season. He later appeared in “Stargate SG-1” and also did some commercials.

David DeLuise

He is also famous as Coop’s voice artist on a short-lived action animation, Megas XLR. David later gave one-after-another hit dramas and movies. However, he got famous for his role as Jerry Russo in Disney’s “Wizards Of Waverly Place and Wizards Of Waverly Place: The Movie.” DeLuise also made his directing debut with this series and directed some of its best episodes, such as “My Tutor, Tutor.” Later, he also directed episodes of See Dad Run, How To Rock, The Thundermans, and Lab Rats.

David DeLuise Recreated “Wizards Of Waverly Place” Moment

Undoubtedly, David is still connected with the biggest series of all time- Wizard Of Waverly Place. Recently, David (Jerry Russo) and Jennifer Stone (Harper Finkle) shared a funny moment they recreated together for the “Wizard Of Waverly Pod.” During the downtime, both the actors decided to bring 2007 to 2023 with a shimmy. So she uploaded a dance video of her, which the fans greatly loved, and everyone started commenting that they wanted them back. Are they returning with a reboot? Well, David Henrie and Selena Gomez shared in 2020 that they were planning to return with a reboot of the hit show. But currently, it is in the talking stage.

David DeLuise

Is David DeLuise Gay?

Well, many sister sites are talking about David DeLuise being gay. But in reality, he is a straight guy. David is a bachelor, but he dated many women in his youth. He first met Brigitte, and they dated each other for a while before making a final commitment. The couple said “I Do” in September 1994. Soon they welcomed two kids named Riley and Dylan. However, the couple separated in 2003 after nine years of staying together.

David DeLuise

After his divorce from Brigitte, he spent many years building his care before meeting his second potential partner. In 2015, he dated Julia Stoepel, a German actress, director, and voice-over artist. After dating for a few years, they finally married. However, there are rumors that they spilt up soon, and after then, DeLuise never discussed his romantic life in public. As of now, nobody knows whether it’s true. But we will update this section as soon as we learn any news. But one thing is clear, David DeLuise isn’t gay.

David DeLuise’s Net Worth

As per the source, David DeLuise has a net worth of around $10 million. Although not much is known about his investments and source of earnings, he is a successful actor and director who has the helm in every work. He directed a few TV series episodes and is also a versatile actor who achieved much in his acting career.

What do you think- are those rumors about David DeLuise split right? Is he still with Julia Stoepel? Comment down your thoughts. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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