April 12, 2024
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Lindsey Graham Gay: Whoopi Goldberg’s Joke On Graham’s Sexuality Made Things Worst For The Comic!

Lindsey Graham Gay

American lawyer and politician Lindsey Graham’s sexuality always remains the biggest question ever. He hasn’t yet married anyone. His relationship status also remains in limbo. But after the best friend’s sexuality created a buzz around the internet. People quickly bombarded the politician’s social media with gay rumors. Is Lindsey Graham gay? Well, there are plenty of theories that prove that he is gay. But is he? Further, the Oscar-winning actress has recently opened up about the politician’s sexuality which created problems for herself only. Let’s see how.


Early Life & Career

Born in Central, South Carolina, to Millie and Florence James “F.J.” Graham, Lindsey Graham attended D.W. Daniel High School. He graduated from the University Of South Carolina with a degree in psychology. Later attended the University of South Carolina School Of Law. Graham became the first person in his family to attend college. Later, he joined the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. During his service period in the air force, he stayed at Rhein-Main Air Force Base. Lindsey then returned to South Carolina and started his journey as an assistant lawyer. He was also active during the Persian Gulf War. He then left the Air Force with a colonel rank.

Lindsey Graham Gay

Graham Later Joined The Politics

Back in 1992, Graham ran for and was elected to the U.S. House Of Representatives. After U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond retired in 2002, Graham won his seat https://www.instagram.com/p/Cfl88H8OKaH/?hl=enand took office in 2003. He often stayed a part of the military intervention. He also opposed budget cuts focusing on defense spending. Throughout his political career, Graham devised various ways to help people. He opposed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. During Barack Obama’s presidency, the politician also gained a bad reputation for not supporting LGBTQ rights. It led people to doubt his sexuality. Is Lindsey Graham gay?

Is Lindsey Graham Gay?

Lindsey Graham Gay

Soon after Sen. Larry Craig, the antigay politician busted while having sex in an airport men’s room, the internet was abuzz to know who was next. It took no time for people to debate Lindsey Graham’s sexuality. Is Lindsey Graham gay? Well, he said he isn’t gay. Instead, he’s just a loner. But the reporters reflected on the gay rumors surrounding him. Well, he wasn’t the first South Carolina politician to face such allegations. But just like Craig, he was also voted as an antigay. It led fans to doubt whether he’s trying to hide something.

After the Sen. Craig scandal came to light, Graham’s Senate BFF, John McCain, was among the people whose identity was revealed. So it looks like the revelation will come out until they are befallen by scandal. Most of the politicians’ secret identities had been revealed a few years ago. But despite being involved in gay-baiting, Graham never addressed the rumors and said he isn’t into men. Is that true? So isn’t Lindsey Graham gay? Well, the nation wanted to know this answer. But it looked like they had to wait for this.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Joke Goes Wrong

While speaking to White House Press Secretary Karien Jean-Pierre, Whoopi made a joke about Graham’s sexuality. Well, his conservative views on same-sex marriage and abortion made him the most hated person ever. But the actress received backlash for making jokes about Graham’s sexuality. It led her to apologize for her action. Later MSBNC panelists also mocked Graham’s sexuality. They said perhaps he had never seen a vagina in his life. Is that true? So is Lindsey Graham gay?

Despite being a popular figure, Graham has been the most hated politician. It was because of his conservative thoughts. It also leads people to bombard him with gay rumors. But it remains unclear whether Lindsey Graham is gay. What do you think? Comment down your thoughts below. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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