March 3, 2024
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Is Henry Cavill Gay? Know Man of Steel’s Sexuality & His Current Dating Partner

Is Henry Cavill Gay

The Man of Steel, Henry Cavill, is certainly one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood. The 6’1 British actor is renowned for playing tough roles like Superman and The Witcher. Henry has received a lot of accolades for his performances. His charm is just something else, and his look and physic make him a chick magnet. The superhero prefers younger women and has been blasted for the same several times. His relationship history is a clear indication of the same as well. However, there is also a rumor that this Man of Steel actor is homosexual. These rumors started after some pictures of Henry Cavill and a guy named Corey Spears surfaced online. So, is Henry Cavill Gay? Has he dated Corey Spears? Who is he dating now? Read below to know Henry Cavill’s sexuality and his current partner. 

Is Henry Cavill Gay

Henry Cavill Career

Henry Cavill began his acting career with a role in The Count of Monte Cristo back in 2002. Soon he appeared in Goodbye Mr. Chips and Midsomer Murders. In 2007, Cavill received a lead role in Showtime’s series titled “The Tudors.” His performance in this series received a lot of praise from fans and critics alike. Henry Cavill did make some mistakes in his career by dropping projects like James Bond, Harry Potter, and Twilight. However, he made up for them by bagging the role of Superman in Man of Steel in 2013.

Is Henry Cavill Gay

The film became the most successful DC movie of that time. In 2018, Henry Cavill got the role of Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher. However, it was announced that Cavill quit the show and would not appear in it after the third season to focus on the sequel of Man of Steel. But, later, it was also revealed that Man of Steel 2 is no longer in development. 

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Henry Cavill’s Past Relationships

With his looks and personality, it is quite easy for Henry Cavill to pull off any girl. As a result, this British actor has dated a fair share of beauties throughout his career, but none of his relationships lasted long enough for a marriage. Yes, the Man of Steel never tied the knot, as he is still enjoying his dating phase. Below is the list of the past girlfriends of Henry Cavill.

Ellen Whittaker

Henry Cavill’s first public relationship was with Ellen Whittaker. She used to serve as a jumping rider in an English show. Henry Cavill even proposed to Whittaker for marriage, but the two decided to call it off a few months later. There wasn’t any fallout, but the couple mutually decided that it wasn’t working. 

Gina Carano

After separating his ways with Whittaker, Cavill started seeing his fellow actor Gina Carano. The two had a rocky on-and-off relationship from 2012 to 2014. The couple separated once in 2013, but then they got together again, only to split in 2014. 

Kaley Cuoco

Henry Cavill dated the Big Bang Theory famed actress Kaley Cuoco right before he delivered his biggest hit, “Man of Steel,” in 2013. Cuoco also agreed that her career had benefited a lot from their few weeks of romance. The recognition she received after dating Cavill was crazy. 

Tara King

Henry Cavill started seeing Tara King in 2015 but hasn’t made any public appearances with her till 2016. They appeared together for the first time at Vanity’s Fair Oscars party. Cavill confirmed their relationship to the UK Mirror in March 2016. This relationship raised a lot of eyebrows as Tara was 13 years younger than Henry. 

Tara King

Henry Cavill Current Relationship

Henry Cavill is not single, as he is currently in a relationship with a girl named Natalie Viscuso. The latter is a Vice President of TV and Digital Studios at Legendary Entertainment. Henry Cavill made this relationship official in April 2021. In October 2022, the couple also walked the red carpet together for the first time during the premiere of Enola Holmes 2. The couple is still together. 

When Did Rumors of Henry Being Gay Start? 

Henry Cavill has a really old friend named Corey Spears, who is gay. He is physically comfortable with him, and Corey has posted several pictures of him kissing Henry on the cheeks. They are so close that Henry even goes to the gay club with him. In several pictures, Corey had his arms wrapped around Henry. As a result, people began to speculate that, just like Corey, Henry Cavill is also gay. Corey Spears was present at the premiere of Man of Steel. However, after this film, Henry asked Corey to delete the intimate pictures as it wouldn’t go well with his superhero image. 

Is Henry Cavill Gay

Is Henry Cavill Gay? 

So, if you’re still asking, “Is Henry Cavill Gay?” then the answer is a clear No. Henry Cavill is not gay, and his past and current relationships are also living proof of the same. It’s just that Henry has a gay friend with whom he is quite comfortable. So, your favorite Superman is certainly not homosexual. Things might be a little hard for him in his career at this time, but his dating life is going quite smoothly. 

Did you also think that Henry is gay? Do you think he made a mistake by quitting the Witchers for the sequel of Man of Steel? Tell us in the comments. Also, keep coming back to TechRadar247 for the latest entertainment updates. 

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