May 20, 2024
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Is Billy Idol Gay? Did He Have A Past With Adam Bomb? Know The Sexuality Of Famous British Singer

Is Billy Idol Gay

Billy Idol has given a lot of hard rock and punk rock songs to remember back in the 1980s. The former lead singer of Generation X has defined this genre and was everyone’s favorite during his prime. However, during that time, this British wasn’t popular for his songs only. He was also famous for setting new standards of debauchery. Billy had lived a life in a world full of drugs. He was also linked with several beautiful women throughout the years. However, despite being 67 years old, Billy hasn’t tied the knot so far. This led to rumors of him being gay. Some fans also speculated that he had a relationship with Adam Bomb. So, was Billy Idol in an intimate relationship with Adam Bomb? Is Billy Idol Gay? Continue reading to know the sexuality of this famous British singer. 

Is Billy Idol Gay

Billy Idol Career

William Michael Albert Broad, aka Billy Idol, began his career as a guitarist in 1976 with a band named Chelsea. However, he soon left this band and then formed Generation X with his bandmate Tony James. Billy was the lead singer of this band that managed to become successful in the United Kingdom. They released a total of three albums before they disbanded Generation X. 

In 1981, Billy Idol moved to New York and started working as a solo artist. His new journey began with an EP titled “Don’t Stop.” Soon, he became an established star in the US as well, with tracks like “Flesh for Fantasy,” “Eyes Without a Face,” “Rebel Yell,” and many more. Billy Idol’s album “Whiplash Smile,” which came out in 1986, also performed well. In the first half of the 1990s, Idol released “Cyberpunk” and “Speed.” In contrast, he spent the second half of this decade focusing on his personal life. He made his musical comeback by releasing a new album, “Devil’s Playground,” in 2005. Billy made another comeback in the year 2014 when he released “Kings and Queens of the Underground.” 

Is Billy Idol Gay

Billy Idol Relationships

This British singer was famous for debauchery, so it goes without saying that he h as dated several girls throughout his career. He has been linked with almost a dozen girls. However, he has only three major relationships so far. Besides these, there was a rumor of him dating the likes of Lindsay Cross, Shanna Moakler, Bunty Bailey, Peggy Trentini, and more. but who is Billy Idol wife? Below you can see the three major relationships of Billy Idol. 

Perri Lister

Billy’s first major and official relationship was with the English singer, dancer, and former Hot Gossip member named Perri Lister. It was also the longest relationship of Billy as the couple was together for almost eight years. They both started dating in 1981, and then in 1988, Perri Lister gave birth to a son named Willem Wolf Broad. However, the following year, the duo announced their split. 

Linda Mathis

After separating from Perri, Billy Idol started seeing Linda Mathis. They hooked up in 1988, even before Billy separated from Perri. Linda gave birth to a girl named Bonnie Blue in August 1989. However, the same thing repeated again, and Billy split with Linda just one year after the birth of their child.  

China Chow

In the year 2018, Billy Idol started dating China Chow. They also walked on the red carpet together several times. In 2019, several reports came out that Billy had left behind his life filled with debauchery, and now he lives a healthy life. His partner China Chow helps him maintain a healthy lifestyle. The couple is still happily together.

When Did Billy Idol Gay Rumors Start? 

The rumors of Billy Idol being gay started when he met Adam Bomb in 1985. There was even a rumor that these two dated each other and had a secret relationship. However, this was just a rumor. However, Adam Bomb confirmed that Billy Idol reached a new level of debauchery in his book “911 is Disconnected: So This is Rock and Roll.” He was partying with Idol and his manager Bill Aucoin after the release of Rebel Yell. The party was filled with drugs, and Aucoin even told him to have sex with someone if he wanted to stick around. Bomb replied to him by saying he is not gay and left the party. 

Is Billy Idol Gay

Is Billy Idol Gay? 

Is Billy Idol Gay? This was a really common question back in the 1990s when the British singer was at his peak. Billy has been with more than 30 girls throughout his career. This simple fact rules out the possibility of Billy being gay. His current relationship with China Chow and his previous two relationships where he had a child also indicate the same. He always dismissed the rumors of him being gay. The singer of Rebel Yell is a completely straight male.

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