May 25, 2024
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Is Doja Cat Bi? Check Out Doja Cat’s Sexuality & Her Confession After Homophobic Comments

Is Doja Cat Bi

Doja Cat and controversies always go hand in hand. The American rapper always finds a way to be a part of the controversy. Recently, she has invited some trouble due to her homophobic comments. Her very first music video was also called out for sexualizing Hindu culture. However, despite all that, she is one of the fan favorites. Fans seem to connect with her sexually explicit lyrics, which makes her the best-seller of this generation. She has delivered back-to-back hits and spent a considerable amount of time in the top 10 singles on Billboard. Fans listen to the lyrics of her tracks very carefully, but they are still confused about her sexuality. There are several rumors that Doja Cat is bisexual. So, is this true? Does she like both? Is Doja Cat Bi? Read below to get all the answers. 

Is Doja Cat Bi

Doja Cat’s Career

Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, professionally known as Doja Cat, started her career in the early 2010s when she used to upload her tracks on SoundCloud. Her track titled “So High” was her first permanent track on the platform. Dr. Luke discovered her on that platform and signed her to RCA Records. After two years, she released her debut EP, “Purrrr,” and caught the attention of the hip-hop community all around the world. She eventually released the music video for So High, which also became a part of some controversies. Doja Cat received a breakthrough in 2018 when the music video of Mooo went viral on the internet. Since then, she has become an internet sensation.

In 2021, three tracks from her album Plant Her made her spend three consecutive weeks at the second position on Billboard. Tracks like Kiss Me More and Woman found a place in the playlist of several fans. Her album Hot Pink also got her several accolades. Doja Cat has received a total of sixteen Grammy nominations throughout her small career. She also managed to win that award one time for Kiss Me More in 2021. 

Is Doja Cat Bi

Doja Cat’s Relationships

Doja Cat always comes open with her relationships. Most of the time, people usually know who she is dating. She has been linked to both male and female celebrities in the past. And that too because of the tweets and pictures posted by her. 

In October 2020, fans spotted Doja Cat and French Montana vacationing together. As a result, rumors that they are dating caught the spark. However, Cat swiftly killed all the rumors by revealing that she had a song coming out with Montana and told everyone to relax. 

After a year, UK artist Bree Runway fueled the rumors of her and Doja Cat’s relationship when she posted pictures of Doja Cat and captioned “My Hot Date.” Doja Cat also shared Bree’s pictures and wrote, “I have a girlfriend and I am going public.” By this time, people became sure that these two were dating. However, soon the rumors died as these two were only joking around. 

However, it is confirmed that Doja Cat dated Johnny Utah for almost a year before the couple broke up in 2020. She saw Johnny in the music video of Honeypie. She hated everything about that video except Johnny’s movements. Eventually, they started dating, but then in February 2020, Doja Cat herself confirmed that they broke up. She stated that she is doing fine and has unfollowed her ex-boyfriend on Twitter. She also added that things didn’t work at that time, and they moved on. 

Is Doja Cat Bi

Is Doja Cat Bi? 

Many people ask, “Is Doja Cat Bi?” So, the answer to this question is “Yes.” Doja Cat came out as bi after the accusation of homophobic comments. She was canceled by the LGBTQ+ community after her comments. Doja Cat had her usual Instagram live sessions where she used explicit language to reveal she is bi. She stated, 

“I like both. I like dicks and I also like um, I like people that I can have sex with. You can kind of have sex with anybody, right?”

Doja Cat protested her cancelation by the LGBTQ+ community despite being gay herself. She revealed that she called faggots a thousand times when she was in High School, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve any support. She also clarified that she doesn’t hate gay people and gay is ok for her. Things between her and LGBTQ+ community became fine after her bisexual confession. 

Doja Cat will continue to use the same success mantra, and the fans can expect to see more explicit lyrics and content from her side in the near future. 

Are you a fan of Doja Cat? What do you think about her tracks? Did you know that Doja Cat confessed to being bisexual? Tell us in the comments. Also, keep following TechRadar247 for the latest entertainment updates. 

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