March 5, 2024
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Tim McCarver Net Worth: How Rich Was The Baseball Legend?

Tim McCarver Net Worth

Tim McCarver is a baseball player who has played the game for more than 20 years. And after completing his tenure as a player, he later became one of the most admired broadcasters. In his playing career, Tim represented various teams like St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies, Boston Red Sox, and Montreal Expos. Tim was so good at his work as a broadcaster that he won three Emmys. He clearly had a flourishing MLB career as a catcher and a hitter who could hit averages from 1959 to 1980. He was a good player, but he was an outstanding broadcaster. Unfortunately, the immaculate personality died of a heart attack on February 16, 2023. But how rich was the baseball player? How much was Tim McCarver net worth at the time of his death? Keep reading to find out.


Tim McCarver Baseball Career

Tim’s career began in 1959 with St. Louis Cardinals and then continued to play for 12 seasons. This 12-season included two championships in 1964 and 1967. And the rest of his career in three top teams in Major League Baseball. In 1970 McCarver came to Philadephia in pursuit of new challenges and played for three seasons.

Tim McCarver Net Worth

And before retiring, he played for the Montreal Expos and the Boston Red Sox. And after playing in 2.089 games and recording 1,908 hits, Tim finally laid his gloves and bat to retire in 1980. In his career, he won two Golden Gloves for his remarkable contribution as the defensive catcher. He also had the opportunity to become the All-Star thrice in his career.

Career As A Broadcaster

Tim made a huge $1.4 billion in total salary throughout his baseball career as a pitcher for top teams. However, soon after retirement, he did a phenomenal job of establishing himself as a color commentator. After putting his analytical skills on display, Tim got hired by ABC sports to cover the World Series. However, it was his ability to break down difficult concepts and his knowledge of the game that made him famous.

Tim McCarver Net Worth

After many years of experience, ABC sports also allowed him to cover football and baseball. Moreover, Tim also commented on his expertise in the Olympics and various global sporting events. After signing Fox Sports and partnership with play-by-play announcer Joe Buck they became the most iconic broadcaster of their time.

Tim McCarver Net Worth

Tim has had a very vast career in his lifetime, which includes playing, broadcasting, and writing various books. All of these have brought him a lot of wealth. However, to be precise, he was worth around $10 million. As mentioned above, he played for various top professionals in his career span. But his success trickled down when his knowledge of baseball gelled with the broadcasting. And this mixture earned him three Emmys for his broadcasting work.

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Tim McCarver Net Worth

Tim McCarver Family

Tim had a high school love story, a romantic classic. He married his high school sweetheart Anne McDaniel in December 1964. The couple only had two daughters, who were named Kelly McCarver and Kathy McCarver.

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