March 5, 2024
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Agency Ep 16: Finale! Hanna Takes A Big Move! Is Young-Woo Onbroad? Know Streaming Guide

Agency Ep 16

The story takes a drastic turn as the corporate drama edges to its end. Throughout the series, Hanna and Young-woo have seen a lot. However, in Agency Ep 16, the couple will finally make their way toward each other. Well, fans have been waiting for this moment for so long. However, before exploring their love life, the series focuses on Hanna’s revenge. Now things are taken to the next level as Hanna has decided to go her separate way. But will it work? Further, what about Ah-in? Will she ever take her revenge on Chang-soo? Let’s see!


Agency Ep 16: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming episode will be a real deal for Hanna and Ah-in. Well, both of them share the same backstory and suffer a lot throughout the show. So now is the time to take back what belongs to them. With Hanna’s help, Ah-in will finally pull off her biggest plan ever. Young-woo returns will also mark a significant move in their plan. It will help Hanna and Young-woo to come closer. She will eventually open up about her feelings for him and how much Young-woo means to her. It will ultimately solve the difference between them. Meanwhile, Han-soo will prepare for his marriage. But Hanna’s big revelation will destroy everything. It may also reflect the VP position.

Agency Ep 16

A Quick Recap!

Previously in Agency Ep 15, Hanna and Ah-in joined hands to teach Han-soo and Chang-soo a good listen. Chang-soo devised an evil plan to kick Ah-in out of the company, and Han-soo helped him to execute it. It shattered Ah-in, especially when someone close to her betrayed her. But in her rough time, Hanna offered her help and allowed Ah-in to use her position. But despite everything, things didn’t work out. So Ah-in sent her resignation to CEO Cho. Her unofficial team was upset. But Hann hadn’t given up, and she secretly encouraged Ah-in to work on her big project. So they could take down both Han-soo and Chang-soo.

It also focused on the return of Young-woo. Although Chairman Kang agreed to continue Young-woo’s resignation process, he had other plans too. He tried to dissolve the grudges between Young-woo and Hann. It further helped them come closer. With Young-woo’s excellent strategical skills, he agreed to help Ah-in win the ad agency project. All of them together did their best to screw with Han-soo and Chang-soo. While working on their big project, Hann and Young-woo had a good time together.

Agency Ep 16

Agency Ep 16: Release Date

The upcoming episode will mark the end of this series. So indeed, things will take a dramatic turn. Agency Ep 16 will air on February 26, 2023, at 10.30 pm KST. The all-new episode air every Saturday and Sunday. The local Korean audience can stream it on JTBC, while the global fans can watch it on Amazon Prime. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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