Boys Planet Ep 5

Boys Planet Ep 5: New Fierce Challenge, A Sorrowful Goodbye! Know Streaming Guide

Variety Shows are typical in the K-pop industry, and many groups like TWICE, ENHYPEN, and many more resulted from such competitive reality shows. Once again, the K-pop industry is back to finding new talent. So far, the G-group is doing great. But things will take a drastic turn in Boys Planet Ep 5 when they face some unexpected challenges. In the previous episode, they fought for survival, but a few said goodbye as it was hard to perform. Let’s see! Will the situation repeat this time too?

Boys Planet Ep 5: What Will Happen Next?

In the upcoming episode, the contestants will face another challenging situation. The battle between the original K-Pop and the new G-group will continue. But they will face a difficult position as the new task isn’t easy. In the new task, G-group has to sing while balancing on one leg. It won’t be easy for a few, while others will enjoy the victory. Meanwhile, the group will have some sizzling moments. The new G-group has to show off their dancing moves, and while some seem hilarious, others will blow the audience’s mind. Sadly, someone will leave the show in the end, and this elimination round will shock everyone.

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, the rivalry between K-group and G-group continued. Seven teams were split into two batches, and they were asked to perform the best-selling song of their rival team. So based on ther performance and on-site voting, the team’s fate would be announced. Soon Star Master Hwang Minhyun introduced the performing group who had to perform on Wanna One’s Burning Up. It was nostalgic for him, and he expressed how much he missed Wanna One, leading him to perform a short impromptu dance to that song.

However, it turned problematic for the group at first, but the KCON nailed it while G-group just did their best. K-group won the match. Next was BTS’ Danger. G-group faced difficulty due to the strife because of an overly strict leader. The team also faced rejection as no one wanted to team up with them. They started pretty well, but quickly, their performance fell apart due to issues in singing and pacing. However, Yuto came out strong enough. Well, K-group also performed poorly. But they were picked as the winner in the end.

Boys Planet Ep 5

Boys Planet Ep 5: Release Date

Now fans will see more exciting and sorrowful moments in the K-reality series. Boys Planet Ep 5 will air on March 2, 2023, at 8.50 pm KST. The all-new episode air every Thursday night. It is available on local Korean networks such as Mnet, while global fans can catch it on Rakuten Viki. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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