March 1, 2024
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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 14: “Collision Course” Introduces Danny & Baez To A New Case!

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 14

CBS drama Blue Bloods is all set to explore a new set of drama in its characters’ lives. The last fans saw how Joe got transferred again, hinting he won’t return this week. Now, fans are eager to see him more in Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 14. But it looks like they have to wait until another interesting plotline catches the actor’s attention. But do you know something dangerous will occur in Danny and Baez’s life? Indeed Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 14 is ready to challenge the pair. Let’s see how they will deal with the situation.


Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 14: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming episode, “Collision Course,” will explore Danny and Baez’s new case. Last week CBS dropped a sneak peek for this week’s episode that suggests how the pair entangled with an enigmatic person. It starts lightheartedly. Danny picks some donuts for the two of them. However, a car directly hits them on their way to the office. Luckily the pair shows no visible sign of physical injury. But it remains unclear whether it is intentional or accidental.

On investigation, they come across a troubled foster child. The child soon becomes the center of their latest investigation, creating a mess out of their life. Meanwhile, Eddie will also face trouble in the upcoming episode as her former partner returns. His accusation against an officer brings the problem to Eddie’s life. Another sneak peek hints that Erin will meet someone special. This person is none other than Anthony. The two will sit down and discuss the formal campaign. CBS has also revealed a promo clip suggesting that Frank will get honored for serving as a commissioner. He also gets emotional at the speech.

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, Joe Hill was on a mission when he heard people inside. When he asked them to open the door, they started flushing many drugs down the toilet. Joe realized what they were doing, so he broke into the house and arrested some people. However, the other cop told Joe they were supposed to warn them. Later they all argued in front of Frank and said he broke the protocol. But Sid stood beside Joe, and Frank ordered everyone to leave. But he told Joe to watch his actions. The Dream Team had issues with Joe and how Frank defended him. Meanwhile, Beez and Danny found a woman’s dead body with a note from the killer.

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 14

They talked to the woman’s boyfriend, who told them she wasn’t religious. But everyone loved her. He also revealed that he wasn’t with her when she was murdered. Elsewhere, Badillo and Eddie arrived at a crime scene. The girl confessed to the stabbing incident. But she refused to speak to Erin because Eddie told her to wait for her lawyer to join. So Erin confronted Eddie and later learned Eddie called Jack as the defense attorney in this case. It created an issue between Jack and Erin as he went to see her and stopped her from interfering in his life after breaking up with him. As for Joe, he was upset after receiving a transfer letter. Frank explained that he got this letter because he didn’t follow the command correctly.

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 14: Release Date

The upcoming episode will explore several character arcs altogether. You will learn it in Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 14, which will air on March 3, 2023, at 10 pm ET. The all-new episode air every Friday night only on CBS. Fans can also catch it on Paramount+. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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