April 24, 2024
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Island Ep 11 & 12: Finale! Mi-Ho’s Last Attempt, Ban Sacrifies Himself! WATCH

Island Ep 11 & 12

The fantasy K-drama is inching closer to its end, making fans curious about how things unfold in Island Ep 11 & 12. The previous episode was a rollercoaster ride as it explored plenty of twists. It also explored Ban’s weakest side, revealing he’s also a mere human. But it looks like he can only make it to the finale. Will Ban die? Well, anything can happen, especially after watching Goong-tan’s dark side. He’s way too stronger than fans expected, and now his urge to kill humans will create problems for everyone. Let’s see how things will move.


Island Ep 11 & 12: What Will Happen Next?

The finale will bring all the masterpieces together. Ban wants to live, and he has feelings for Mi-ho. But he wants to ensure everything runs smoothly, as it may spoil their efforts to revive Won-Jung. However, Mi-ho is still unsure whether she can pull off the plan and help everyone on the island. But Ban is ready to sacrifice himself to help her, despite his diminished physical capabilities. Mi-ho has been training for this big day and will use all her powers and strength to fight evil. She will regain all her memories and use them to stop this menace during this time. Meanwhile, Goong-tan is preparing himself to put an end to Mi-ho’s plan. He will go to any length to kill her. Goong-tan has already mindlessly massacred his follower, and now it remains to be seen how he deals with Ban and Mi-ho.

Isl and Ep 11 & 12

A Quick Recap!

In the previous week, sensing the malicious energy overpowered Mi-ho. But she used the energy burst to remove it, stunning Goong-tan. Ban and Yo-han arrived and saw Mi-ho surrounded by a force field up in the air. Ban quickly caught her when she fell, triggering her past memories of Won-jung’s death in Ban’s arms. Granny Geum later advised Ban to control his feelings. The trio returned to the villa, and he tried his best to avoid Mi-ho, which she didn’t like. On the other hand, the villains continued to create havoc. This time the evil spirit took an ominous black smoke’s form possessing Soo-ryun.

Yeom-ji arrived a few seconds late and left in tears after witnessing her friend’s last moments. Goong-tan revealed that it was inevitable as she was special, so it was about to happen. Later it gave a brief flashback of Goong-tan and Yeom-ji’s relationship. In the present, Goong-tan provoked Geunseunsae, who manipulated people, turning them into zombies. It later turned into a mass exorcism. But Geuseunsae misled Mi-ho, leading her to doubt Butler Jang’s loyalty. He had no choice but to reveal his real identity as a priest. Devastated, Mi-ho jumped off the balcony, but Ban caught her, quickly leading to a surge of Won-jung’s memories.

Island Ep 11 & 12

Island Ep 11 & 12: Release Date

Island Ep 11 & 12 will air at midnight on March 10, 2023. The upcoming episode will end Ban’s journey and how everything turns normal on the island. The local Korean audience can stream it on TVING, while the global audience can catch it on Amazon Prime Video. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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