Call It Love Episode 8

Call It Love Episode 8 Recap: Dong-Jin & Woo-Joo Faces Trouble Amid Big Realization! WATCH

The K-drama is slowly turning interesting as it tries to explore the fractured love story and how it is challenging for two people to stay together. It feels like Woo-joo and Dong-jin’s relationship will tear apart. Fans believe this- because Call It Love Episode 8 explored the bitter side of their fondness. However, the main couple is having trouble dealing with their own feelings. It was perfectly showcased in Call It Love Episode 8. So let’s sneak peek at what happened in the last episode.

Call It Love Episode 8: A Quick Recap!

Woo-Joo’s Realization

The previous episode opened up with Woo-joo wondering about her confession. Drunk Woo-joo was sitting on a bench in a park when Ji-go saw her. He quickly reached Dong-jin and asked him to take care of her as she was outside Dong-jin’s apartment. Dong-jin quickly rushed to see her, and she seemed relieved to see him near her at such a vulnerable point. When he questioned her why she was there, she started uttering that she was the one who didn’t notice her own feelings and was there to see him. However, she blamed him for pretending not to understand and notice her feelings.

Call It Love Episode 8

Dong-jin decided not to say a word and ended up walking her home. But on their way home, Woo-joo opened up about her father’s affair. She also talked about her long-lost career in archery. However, she didn’t want him to do favor to her by liking her because of all the things she told him. She later told him that they should part ways as she didn’t think it could be a good idea to be in a relationship. Dong-jin looked broken, while Woo-joo decided to call it off.

Dong-jin Still Needs An Explanation

At the office, the situation between Dong-jin and Woo-joo turned hot and cold despite their growing fondness. Dong-jin wondered about Woo-joo’s words. He didn’t know what to say while a morose Woo-joo couldn’t help but get attracted toward Dong-jin and fixed his shirt button. The next day, Woo-joo told the realty agent to tell Dong-jin that he didn’t need to look for them and that they were doing fine. She also mentioned that she didn’t want money or anything. But he appeared sad when Woo-joo didn’t attend team lunch that day. However, when Sun-woo encourages Dong-jin to date Woo-joo, he says he promised himself never to hurt again, and as he knows how things end, he doesn’t want to try it.

Call It Love Episode 8

Sung-man Continues To Trouble Min-young

Meanwhile, Sung-man continued to harass Min-young for answers. However, she was trying to break free from the situation. Sung-man then went on a search mission to find Min-young and ended up at Min-young’s apartment. Min-young seemed done with his behavior and wanted to end things, but he tortured her as he wished for the answers. Later that day, Dong-jin came across Min-young outside the building and advised her to stop drinking. She was so lost in her thoughts that she hugged him. Unbeknownst Sung-man was watching them and seething at the fact they were getting back together. When he tried to attack them, Woo-joo interfered, stopping him from hurting Dong-jin.

Call It Love Episode 8

Min-young’s Confession

Min-young and Dong-jin had a past connection that still haunted her. After having a heated conversation with Sun-woo, heartbroken Min-young recalled her first meeting with Dong-jin’s mother, Hee-ja. He appeared displeased when she told him about her meeting with his mother but didn’t say anything. She tried to clear the air, so she desperately told him she left him not because of his mother but because he started behaving differently. He distanced himself when she mentioned marriage. It upset her, and she blamed him for everything. But later, it was revealed that the person whom she thought was Dong-jin was Ji-gu, and now he knew about the situation.

Well, many things happened in Call It Love Episode 8, and there are more to come in future episodes. So stay tuned to TechRadar247 for more such updates, and don’t forget to watch the following episode next week.

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