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Jeff Thomas Model Gay: Did “Being Gay” Kill The Model? Found Dead At 35, Suspected Suicide!

The internet took by a storm when fans learned the jolting news about American model and influencer Jeff Thomas. The model was famous for his sharp chiseled features and kind heart. He also had a huge fan following, and everyone around him loved him. Despite that, Jeff Thomas appeared to be dealing with severe problems, leading him to take such a deadly step. But has it something related to his sexuality? Was Jeff Thomas gay? Let’s see! Were all the rumors correct?

Fans Doubted: Is Jeff Thomas Gay?

Although Jeff used to post a lot about his family, he still kept his dating life private. He never revealed that he dated someone though fans spotted him with many A-listed celebrities. He was also spotted with Megan Fox and Nicole Scherzinger. His followers rooted for him after seeing them together. However, his followers left shocked after the announcement of the 2016’s March edition of AtitudeMag magazine. The magazine featured Jeff Thomas, and he finally made a huge revelation.

The magazine focused on Jeff’s interview, where he talked about his sexuality. Jeff stated: “I never like to play the ‘gay’ card because that is not the only problem occurring in the industry.” It left fans surprised. Soon after, everyone started questioning whether Jeff Thomas was gay. But Jeff never cleared the air. However, he did mention that plenty of issues are going on that need to be addressed. So, was Jeff Thomas gay, for real? Well, he never explored that topic again. Hence his sexuality remained unclear.

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Did “Being Gay” Kill Jeff Thomas?

Jeff Thomas, a 35-year-old model, was found dead in his apartment. Soon the news shocked everyone, as he posted his workout video from a gym before his death. He looked perfectly alright in his video, which led fans to question whether it was a suicide. Later a Miami Police Department spokesperson revealed that they found his body at a Miami apartment on March 8. However, at that time, the cause of his death remained unknown. However, the officials believed that it could be a suicide case. Jeff never shared his problems openly or talked about his mental health condition.

In fact, he was the one who used to promote mental health. Even in his last picture, he appeared relaxing in a pool. He captioned: “a cold plunge a day keeps the doctor away.” However, his brother Skylar Ray Thomas revealed that his brother struggled with addiction and mental health challenges, which led to his tragic passing. It made some of his followers speculate that it was because he tried to come out of the closet. Well, his brother didn’t share much about his condition. But Skylar said that his struggles were different.

Despite this, Jeff tried to live his life to the fullest and traveled the world. However, he asked Jeff’s followers to remember him for his kindness. Skylar also said Jeff had a contagious sense of humor and a love for music, art, and family. He also loved to help others. Skylar added that Jeff would live in their hearts forever before ending with an important reminder: Skylar hoped his brother’s death could serve as a reminder that mental health and addiction issues need help.

Who Was Jeff Thomas?

Jeff Thomas was a Miami-based model and was signed by AMCK Models. He also worked on several publications and brands and appeared in several fashion shows. Jeff was also the male model for L’Officiel Hommes, Calvin Klein, and H&M. He founded OnePopsicle, a custom-curated contemporary art consulting agency. As per the source, Jeff Thomas’s net worth was around $1 million. Despite this, things didn’t end well with him.

Well, it remains unclear whether Jeff Thomas was gay, as he never opened up about anything. But what do you think was his sexuality the sole reason for his suffering? Comment down your thoughts below. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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