June 13, 2024
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Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 5 Recap: What Happens When Lion Shows Up In “Kalahari Cold Front?”

Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 5

Discovery’s Naked And Afraid has returned with plenty of new challenges and twists. Well, the last episode left fans in a daze when the contestants faced their biggest fears so far. However, it will complicate in Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 5 when some new faces make their way to the show and try to deal with the danger outside the world. Well, fans are eager to know how far the show will go this time. Further, winning the title won’t be that easy this season. Have a look to know what lets us say this.


Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 5: What Will Happen Next?

In the upcoming episode, four young Kooks will face punishment as they will be sent to South Africa for revenge. Well, they all failed in their previous task, and now they need to clear the upcoming task without making any mistakes. The show also features a task where a fishing boat captain, Michael, and an attorney, Jaclin, will go on the next three weeks in the Kalahari Dunes in South Africa. While they prepare their shelter, they will soon get hit with an unexpected greeting. Aggressive and cold rhinos and lions will threaten their shelter.

Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 5

A Quick Recap!

The show opened up with competitors participating around the globe to win the title. However, they struggled to survive while trying to dodge death as several poisonous creatures and insects surrounded them. Amid this, they worked to accomplish the task and gather food. It featured two foreign kooks who spent their time abroad. They needed to find a way to survive the harsh climate and bush, as it was challenging to spend time alone in the wilderness. The survivors needed to work on themselves while acquiring most of the last opportunities to showcase their skills.

In order to join the tribe, they needed to finish the task as earlier as possible and avoid making bad choices. In the Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 4, the four male survivalists had to clear all the tasks. The survivalists who tapped into their last challenges sought redemption in South Africa. However, they needed to let go of their past mistakes in order to survive in an unknown land. Further, they were tasked to survive 21 days in order to join the tribe.

Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 5

Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 5: Air Date

The upcoming episode will focus more on the contestants’ life and how they will deal with the matter. Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 5 will air on March 19, 2023, at 8 pm ET. It is available on Discovery Channel. Fans can also catch the show on Hulu. The series follows a weekly release pattern airing every Sunday night. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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