February 26, 2024
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Who Was Cheslie Kryst’s Boyfriend, When Former Miss USA Committed Suicide?

Cheslie Kryst Boyfriend

Former Miss USA 2019, Cheslie Kryst, was a name in the fashion industry that stood extraordinarily in every aspect. She was not only recognized as a beauty pageant but also as an attorney. Apart from all these designations, she also worked as a model and television correspondent. Moreover, while working as a correspondent for ‘Extra,’ Cheslie received a prestigious nomination at the Daytime Emmy Awards. She rose to new heights after being crowned Miss USA 2019. Meanwhile, among all the queries, fans are anxious about Cheslie Kryst boyfriend. 


As a career-oriented person, Chelsie was more dedicated to her professional life. In addition to this, she very well knew how to help people. So, her generous personality added the cherry on the cake in terms of her public figure. On the other hand, Cheslie was one such personality who was quite famous on social media. Her Tiktok videos went viral several times. The last video included details concerning the M&Ms store. Further, she never revealed much information about her personal life in the media. Due to such circumstances, most of her fans never knew about her relationships. 

Who Was Cheslie Kryst Boyfriend?

Cheslie Kryst Boyfriend
Billy Bush And Cheslie Kryst

According to several media reports, the American model was never committed to a relationship. This means she did not have a boyfriend or even a husband. Apparently, Cheslie didn’t reveal many details about her personal life to the media. As a result, that aspect of her life never saw the limelight. Even her social media handles do not have posts related to her relationship status. Her Instagram account has many photos of her friends and colleagues. But none of them hint at or show a romantic angle.

It could have reached the fans if Cheslie had been in a relationship or married someone. Till the time of her death, her relationship status certainly stood at the status mentioned above. Even if the case was contrary to it, Cheslie managed to keep it away from the media. Thus, a proper name suggesting Cheslie Kryst boyfriend is unknown. 

Talking about Cheslie’s husband, there’s no official information regarding her marital status. Hence, be it her boyfriend or husband, we can’t say anything confirmed. 

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Cheslie Kryst Past Relationships: Who Was Her Ex-Boyfriend?

Common speculation surrounding the public is regarding a person’s relationship status related to the beauty pageant. Cheslie was beautiful indeed, and hence, her admirers always thought of her being in a relationship. Sadly, we didn’t find any such details linked with former Miss USA 2019.

Furthermore, we didn’t find any reports suggesting Cheslie Krsyt’s ex-boyfriend’s details. Apart from it, all her social media feeds only showed several professional interviews and fun photos. The American beauty was indeed a media star, but Cheslie knew what to keep to herself. 

Cheslie Kryst Early Life: From Where Did She Pursue Graduation?

The world welcomed Cheslie Kryst on April 28, 1991. She was born to April Simpkins and Rodney Kryst in Michigan. She has been to a couple of schools from an early age. Her parents admitted Cheslie into Fort Mill High School and North-western High School in South Carolina. Moving ahead, the model attended the University of South Carolina’s Darla Moore School of Business. She completed her graduation in Marketing and Human Resource Management. Consequently, Cheslie Kryst received her Bachelor’s degree in 2013.

Furthermore, she enrolled herself in the Juris Doctor degree at Wake Forest University School of Law. Moreover, in 2017, she did a professional course in MBA (Master of Business Administration) from the same institution. 

From Where Did She Pursue Law?

Cheslie Kryst Boyfriend
Cheslie Kryst

An individual can easily practice law after a Bachelor’s degree in the same. Hence, Cheslie Kryst began her attorney career at Poyner Spruill LLP. There were numerous clients for whom she served pro-bono. Here, pro-bono refers to such legal services provided by lawyers without any fees to needy people. 

One of the most well-known works as an attorney relates to Britanny K. Barnett’s case. Cheslie Kryst served pro-bono for the latter. She wanted the client associated with Barnett’s Buried Alive Project to be set free from life imprisonment. Then after, she somehow ended up establishing White Collar Glam. It was a fashion blog committed to women’s attire to help them dress superiorly. 

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Cheslie Kryst Model Career: Which Record Did She Break During The Beauty Pageant Competition?

Kryst got involved with fashion and modeling ever since she won Miss Freshman at Northwestern High School. Following her mother’s career path, she entered the world of beauty pageants after a long time. 

Serving the debut performance, Cheslie Kryst represented the USA in 2019 at the Miss Universe contest. She finished among the top ten and further got placed as the fourth runner-up at Miss North Carolina USA 2017.

Cheslie again made it to the same pageant and then appeared in the top ten. In 2019, she represented Metrolina and won the title of Miss North Carolina USA. With the crown, she received the privilege to denote North Carolina at the Miss USA 2019. Organized in Nevada, Cheslie performed splendidly at the event. On the whole, she emerged as the winner and became the third woman from her region to achieve it. 

As the daughter of a beauty queen, it was not a surprise for the world to witness Cheslie Kryst becoming Miss USA 2019. When crowned with the prestigious title, she broke the record of Nana Meriwether, becoming the oldest woman to do so. The latter was 27 years old, while Kryst’s age during the event was 28 years. 

Moreover, her reign came to an end on November 9, 2020. She passed on the crown to Asya Branch at the Miss USA 2020 Pagaent. 

Cheslie Kryst Death: Why Did She Commit Suicide?

Cheslie Kryst Boyfriend
Cheslie Kryst

It was utterly shocking for all her friends and family members when they heard of Kryst’s death. When fans heard of the sudden demise, they could not resist the fact. Since she was too young to say goodbye to the world, her death was unexpected. 

Cheslie Kryst lived in Manhattan at West 42nd Street. Although her apartment was on the ninth floor, she was last seen on the 29th floor, which was quite unusual. Chesley jumped from such a greater height and hence, was found dead on her building’s sidewalk. Neighbors informed the cops about the incident. The area was then sealed by the police for further investigation. Prior to her suicide, the model was active on Instagram

, but the future is really unpredictable. However, before committing suicide, she wrote a message asking her mother to take care of things after she departs from the world. Her family requested privacy from the media at the time of her death. Moreover, Cheslie’s mother appeared several times after her daughter’s demise to pay her tribute. May Cheslie Kryst’s soul rest in peace, and our prayers are with her family and friends. 

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