April 24, 2024
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All The Liquor Episodes 7 And 8: Ji Yoo Opens Up His Heart, Ki Hoon’s Dilemma! WATCH

All The Liquor Episodes 7 And 8

Nowadays, BL drama is popular in the K industry, and it has recently dropped its latest K-BL drama which is ripping fans apart. Well, fans are in love with the slow characters’ development and how they feel for each other. The previous episode already hints at the budding romance between the main characters, and now it remains to be seen how things will move. So All The Liquor Episodes 7 And 8 will focus on how Ji Yoo will approach the love of his life. But is he doing the right thing? What if it messes up their life? Keep reading to learn this.


All The Liquor Episodes 7 And 8: What Will Happen Next?

In the closing moment, Ki Hoon was again drunk and asked Ji Yoo to accompany him. So the upcoming episode will focus on their interaction. Ji Yoo seems worried when he comes closer to Ki Hoon. But they need to work hard on the project. The main day arrives, and Ji Yoo can’t find Ki Hoon. So he decides to visit him and heads to his home. Well, both have feelings for each other. However, they have yet to decide about it. But there’s a chance that both will express their feelings for each other sooner than later. Further, the episode will focus on Ki Hoon’s past.

All The Liquor Episodes 7 And 8

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, Ki Hoon passed out after drinking. Ji Yoo was shocked to see him in such a condition and wondered how one could pass out with just one glass of alcohol. So when Ji Yoo was about to leave, Ki Hoon approached and pulled him closer, startling Ji Yoo. But Ji Yoo suddenly felt his heartbeat pounding when his face came closer to Ki Hoon. Shocked, Ji Yoo shook Ki Hoon’s hand and left him alone. Ji Yoo had a hard time working with Ki Hoon in the kitchen the following day. He was nervous and embarrassed about how he had felt the previous night.

Struggling to deal with his nervousness, he finally asked Ki Hoon about his condition and how he felt after drinking. In reply, he told Ji Yoo that he felt nostalgic. Ji Yoo understood that Ki Hoon didn’t remember the last night and felt upset. Later Ki Hoon changed the topic and asked him about some work reports. He decided to prepare a new dish with alcohol. Ki Hoon surprised Ji Yoo the following day and asked him to accompany him. They stopped at the local food restaurant, and Ji Yoo seemed surprised at how Ki Hoon could read his mind. Later they went to buy some cooking ingredients for their next project. After finishing their shopping, they sat near the river shore.

All The Liquor Episodes 7 And 8

All The Liquor Episodes 7 And 8: Release Date

Ki Hoon needs to deal with his feelings before they can create problems between him and Ji Yoo. All The Liquor Episodes 7 And 8 will air on March 23, 2023, at noon. The all-new episode has a runtime of around 18 minutes, and two episodes drop every week on Thursday. It is available on the streaming platforms GagaOOlala and Rakuten Viki. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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