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Boys Planet Episode 9: “Artist Battle” Will Challenge Boys To Bring The Best Out Of Them! Know Where To Watch

After the contestants face another elimination ceremony, they are all prepared to rock the world of their fans in Boys Planet Episode 9. The previous episode was a rollercoaster ride as the participants had a day off and enjoyed their time playing around. While things went smoothly in the beginning, they learned another jolting news. Now the trainees have to take care of themselves in order to stay in this show. But it doesn’t look like it will be easy for them as the fifth Star Master’s challenge will shake their world upside down. Let’s see how they deal with it.

Boys Planet Episode 9: What Will Happen Next?

As of now, the network hasn’t dropped the preview clip of the upcoming episode. But the previous episode mentioned the “Artist Battle.” So after the elimination round, the participants will pull up their socks and prepare for the next round. They have to come up with their best move, music, and rap. However, it will be challenging for them to work with top-notch music producers and choreographers. Many face a hard time dealing with the new task, while some will pull it out fantastically. As for Sung Hanbin, he already managed to win his position and fans’ heart back after receiving backlash for his steamy controversy. So now he will return with full force to show his skills to his fans.

Boys Planet Episode 9

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode introduced the fifth Star Master SHINee Key. He came up with the third mission, where the trainees had to showcase their skills. The third mission was the “Artist Battle,” where the contestants needed to prepare their performance with new songs. Top-notch music producers and choreographers made it. The mission was to determine the participants’ strengths and musical talents. They had to prove their worth as they could produce music, rap, and choreographing- test whether they were all-rounder idols. Later, Key explained the “Artist Battle” in detail, including the benefits of the battle.

It was revealed that the group winning the challenge would receive 200,000 points. Apart from the winning team, the trainee who earned first place would also receive the same points individually. After then, the Star Master announced the five new songs. All the tracks were composed of various music genres. These songs include Say My Name, Switch, En Gard, Super Charger, and Over Me. After the performance, the survival ceremony was performed. Soon they revealed the top nine finalists. Star Master Minhyuk unveiled the “Dual Position Battle” ranking. It quickly led to an elimination round. Where Sung Hanbin secured the first ranking, Hiroto left the show as he received the 28th rank. The other trainees who joined Hiroto were Krystian, Anthonny, and Park Jihoo.

Boys Planet Episode 9: Release Date

Boys Planet Episode 9 will air on March 30, 2023, at 7 pm KST. The upcoming episode will test the contestants’ skills and whether they can work with professionals. The all-new episode drop every Thursday night. The local Korean audience can stream it on Mnet, while the international fans can watch it on Viu and Rakuten Viki. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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