Falsa Identity Season 3

False Identity Season 3 Release Date: Will Don Mateo Run Away From The Arrest? Check Out Recent Updates

If you have followed False Identity, you must have noticed that this series covers several aspects. False Identity is among those drams that have kept the audience hooked up till the end. Apparently, the show is much intriguing because of its complex setting, serious characters, and stimulating concepts. Moreover, it has explored various themes, whether perpetual relationships or family. Since the second chapter of the series ended, fans are anxiously waiting for False Identity season 3. They clearly can’t keep calm to watch the fast-paced action again on the screens. So, what is False Identity Season 3 Release Date? Keep reading to find out.

Created by Perla Farias, this American telenovela has been bankrolled jointly by Telemundo Global Studios and Argos Communication. It was released on September 11, 2018, and a year after, it premiered on Netflix. Additionally, False Identity got major critical reviews after the renewal. Even the crowd responded favorably to the exciting elements displayed in it.

Will There Be False Identity Season 3?

Falsa Identity Season 3
False Identity, Netflix

It has been over two years since fans last saw high-speed car chases. However, viewers are already expecting more from the story. Even the makers disappeared after restoring the drama for season 2. So, this might awaken the creators to show up with season 3. But, lately, the team is yet to announce anything official concerning the show’s future. Nevertheless, the chances for False Identity season 3 have not vanished entirely. Many speculations are surfacing online that might revive the American drama for a new season.

Many times, Netflix shows are gifted a revival after several years following their premiere on the platform. Hence, going by the same theory, False Identity might be picked up for season 3 soon in the coming time.

What Will Happen In False Identity Season 3?

The story revolves around two strangers who are struggling to run away from their past. Isabel and Diego had their own reasons that complicated their lives. The former accidentally enters the illicit underworld. The latter, in comparison, was separated from her abusive spouse and her children.

Falsa Identity Season 3
False Identity, Netflix

Both protagonists were in Nebraska in the most recent chapter. However, Isabel’s life ended tragically, making the situation worse. On the other hand, Diego is left with no choice in his hands. He played every ploy he knew on Don Mateo to show him up. Surprisingly, Don admitted his mistakes, and the court trial was held successfully. He was announced to have three life sentences. However, everything goes well unless Diego unexpectedly proposes to Victoria for marriage.

Moreover, the debut installment ended on a satisfying note. Hence, no one would have imagined such an intriguing story was still left to be explored in season 2. Isabel and Diego were about to start a new life together. The family was complete, but the arrival of a threatening enemy changed their fate.

Talking about the story of False Identity season 3, it would continue from where the last installment left off. Since the proposal was quite surprising, fans might get to see more of Victoria-Diego’s relationship. Viewers could witness their wedding too. In contrast, Diego’s past will continue haunting him. It is expected for the creators to come up with more dark secrets about him.

Meanwhile, Don Mateo can continue bringing trouble into Diego’s life. Although he is behind bars, Don can perform anything to get out of prison. Apart from it, the adrenaline-fueling scenes and powerful dialogues will surely continue their legacy. It will dive deeper into the characters’ lives. Nonetheless, once the trailer drops in, the makers will serve a full plating of the story. It will reveal what exactly the potential of False Identity season 3 is!

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Which Characters Will Be Returning?

Since the drama includes a large carousel of episodes, False Identity features several cast members. If restored, the third season will mark the return of the major characters. Hence, this clearly states the return of Luis Ernesto Franco as Diego Hidalgo. Eduardo Yanez will reprise his role of Don Mateo alongside Alexa Martin as Victoria Lamas. Samadhi Zendejas and Sonya Smith might join the cast as Circe Gaona and Fernanda, respectively.

Moreover, Camila Sodi is not likely to return as her character died in season 2. Similarly, fans will also miss Ramona, played by Azela Robinson. Both were part of the main cast, but sadly, their return to season 3 seems impossible. But they might contribute to the next installment by appearing in flashbacks.

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False Identity Season 3 Release Date

The first season premiered on September 11, 2018, and wrapped itself up on January 21, 2019. With the finale episode finished airing, makers announced renewed the show for season 2. September 20, 2020, marked the release of the maiden episode of the season. Consisting of 71 episodes, the second installment ended on January 25, 2021. Thus, there wasn’t a long gap between the follow-up. But, in the past few years, no updates have been dropped concerning False Identity Season 3 Release Date. But, the chances for the show to return are quite high.

Since Netflix highly acknowledges viewership level and critical acclamation, the American drama will have to stand out on all these factors. Pre-production, filming, post-production, and all the other aspects cannot be completed shortly. However, if renewed by the end of 2023, it will take almost a year to release before the fans. So, we expect False Identity Season 3 to drop somewhere around 2024’s end. It will be released on the original network, Telemundo, as well.


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