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The Heavenly Idol Episode 13: Is It Happening? What Will Rembrary Do Next?

After binge-watching The Heavenly Idol, fans are curious whether it will return with The Heavenly Idol Episode 13. Well, the previous week was full of a blast as it dropped plenty of bombshells that finally helped Rembrary to learn more about Redrin. Not only Rembrary but the Evil One also learned the true nature of Redrin. However, fans are still unsatisfied as they believe there should be more. But will there? Can Rembrary return to help heal the people on Earth, and what about his people in The Other World? There are plenty of questions that need to be answered. So let’s see how things unfold in The Heavenly Idol Episode 13.

The Heavenly Idol Episode 13: Will It Happen?

Well, The Heavenly Idol wrapped up with the twelfth episode, and there’s no way it will return for The Heavenly Idol Episode 13. The drama did its best to wrap up the storyline. However, for a second, there appeared to be a chance for this K-drama to return with a second season. This was because Kim Dal lost her memories while attempting to destroy the relics. She offered her soul to help people get free from the goblin curse. But the Queen of Afterlife decided to give her another chance. Because of this, she was erased from everyone’s memory.

But Rembrary still remembered that he loved someone but had no clue to whom his love belonged. It left many wondering if the show will return with another season or episode to help the couple find each other. But in the end, they did find each other, and Rembrary regained his memories of Dal after seeing the bracelet on her hand. He also used his powers to remind her about their lost love; luckily, it worked. So now there’s no chance that the show will return. But there’s a possibility that the show might return to explore the couple’s future and how it affects his idol journey.

The Heavenly Idol Episode 13: What Might Have Happened?

If the show returns for another episode, then Rembrary will confess his feelings for Kim Dal. Although they both love each other and have already opened their hearts after losing their memories, it will be amazing if they do it again. Dal will officially join the Wild Animal group as a manager instead of the road manager. However, it remains unclear why Gam-jae stays on Earth and becomes Wild Animal’s manager. So if it returns with The Heavenly Idol Episode 13, it will explore this angle. There may be more issues that Gam-jae needs to resolve on Earth, and he is using the manager as a cover. Further, it remains unclear how things are moving in The Other World. Well, everyone has faith in Rembrary, and they all worship him. So will he return there to help his people?

A Quick Recap!

In the previous week, Wild Animal was invited to the Korea Music Awards– their first-ever invitation and Rembrary was also nominated in the Best Rookie category at the drama award. Unfortunately, both took place on the same day. But Rembrary decided to stay with the Wild Animal, so he didn’t attend the drama award. Although Wild Animal was excited to attend the music award show, their excitement faded after losing each category. Jung-seo broke down and stepped outside the hall to breathe. Soon Rembrary followed him, and the religious group devotees chased them both because Jung-seo reported them to the police.

Wild Animal eventually won the “Discovery Of The Year Award.” But when the group was about to perform, the Evil One arrived and chased Rembrary from the stage to outside the hall. Later he stabbed Rembrary. Just when Rembrary received the Best Rookie award in the drama category, the vow was fulfilled, and Yeon-woo returned to his body. After returning to his world, Rembrary learned that The Other World was in chaos, and now he disliked Yeon-woo more. He sought Lord Redrin’s guidance, who asked him to kill himself and return to her divine power. Later Rembrary learned Redrin was an evil deity and charged her, but she managed to escape. Rembrary returned to Earth and met Redrin again, but Dal sacrificed herself to defeat Redrin.

The Heavenly Idol Episode 13: Release Date

As mentioned above, The Heavenly Idol consisted of only 12 episodes and has already run down its course. So there’s no chance that tvN will return with The Heavenly Idol Episode 13. But considering the possibility that Gam-jae’s story arc will explore so that tvN may return with The Heavenly Idol Season 2. However, it has yet to be discovered. We will update this as soon as we learn any official news. Till then, stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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