Zac And Mia Season 3

Zac And Mia Season 3: Renewed Or Canceled By Netflix? Will Zac Recover From The Accident?

Adapting a novel story into a series is not a new concept in the film industry. It is the global trend that gave birth to several interesting shows. One such series that is helmed to be an intriguing show is Zac and Mia. The epic tale of two kids depicts a lot about life. Interestingly, the Gen Z concept made it more captivating. Zac and Mia continued their journey for two seasons that premiered within a limited duration. Thus, fans are already awaiting an update on the next installment. So, will there be Zac and Mia Season 3.

The debut installment aired on November 7, 2017, and the follow-up landed on Hulu in 2019. Moreover, both chapters were later on picked up by Netflix. Zac and Mia is centered upon two characters who are different in most aspects. Sadly, both of them suffered from cancer. Mia is such a girl whom the school admires a lot. On the other hand, Zac is more concerned about his illness. He was not willing to see his parents crying over his illness. In contrast, Mia is fond of glamor and loves modeling. However, the duo gets closer despite such differences. And, slowly, they become the closest friends to each other. Hence, their heart found comfort with each other sitting closer and sharing warm moments.

Zac And Mia Season 3: Renewal Updates?

Netflix has always surprised its audience by reviving many forgotten shows. Be it of any genre; the platform very well knows how to keep a particular show going. Based on the A.J. Betts’ novel, Zac and Mia has bagged positive reviews. Even the critics praised the overall setting of the story. The actor’s performance received much love and support from the audience. Thus, the streaming giant can consider this factor when planning season 3.

As of now, the future of the drama is unexplored. The makers can show up with an official announcement regarding Zac and Mia Season 3 in the coming time. Moreover, it is unclear whether it has been canceled or will be revived.

What Will Happen In Zac And Mia Season 3?

The roots of the story have been planted from the novel’s idea. Abiding by the original storyline, the series followed the journey of Zac and Mia. It showed how the couple managed their unfortunate life problems. Apart from the illness, they faced many adverse conditions in their relationship too.

Zac And Mia Season 3
Zac And Mia, Hulu

In the second season, things didn’t go well for them. Zac gradually started thinking about his life. As a conclusion of his continuous thoughts, Zac stepped back from Mia. Adapting to the circumstances, he decided to live his life like how he used to earlier. Mia was also at a depressing point in her life at the time as her life was taking unexpected turns. So, their relationship sunk deeper into hassle. Initially, they won over several problems. But, slowly, the increase in the seriousness of the life issues shook the roots of their relationship. Among the few troubles that the duo was unable to handle was Zac’s accident. He was admitted to a hospital where Mia met him. Although he was fine, the latter was shattered by the incident. It also changed a lot for them.

Nonetheless, Zac And Mia Season 3 would continue from the end point of the second chapter. However, various aspects of the story are yet to be explored. With the makers continuing the story, fans might have a more intense look at Zac’s life condition. Also, it could come up with some positivity about Zac and Mia’s relationship. On the other hand, the follow-up will answer many queries that it left off. Whether Zac recovers fully or his health deteriorates. What will Mia do without Zac? Thus, season 3 will again be intriguing for the fans.

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Who Will Return For The Next Season?

Headlined by Anne Winters as Mia Phillips and Kian Lawley as Zac Meier. The former has appeared in Netflix’s popular series, 13 Reasons Why. Her role in Zac and Mia is quite brave, enthusiastic, and young. Equally important, Kian Lawley worked in various ventures. But this series provided him global prominence. 

Anne Winters as Mia Phillips

Nevertheless, the third season will return to the cast panel once again. Moreover, other primary characters are also expected to reprise their respective characters. So, Keli Daniels and Markus Silbiger could step in as Jody and Evan, respectively. Lastly, Tory Devan Smith will be featured as Vinny.

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Zac And Mia Season 3: Release Date

Going by the previous trends of the show, Zac And Mia Season 3 should have been released in 2022. But, it might be the global pandemic that could have halted the plan for the show. Hence, in case the renewal is stated by 2023, the expected season could premiere somewhere around 2024 summers.