Shtisel Season 4
Shtisel, Netflix

Shtisel Season 4: Picked Up By Netflix For Another Installment? Check Out

The adventures of the Haredi family in Shtisel gained popularity all over the world. After its release on Netflix for the international audience, Shtisel saw a journey of three more seasons. Its long voyage comprised several ups and downs for the orthodox family. Following the release of season 3 on the streaming giant, the Israeli drama caught fans’ attention for another installment. The series created its own unparallel fanbase. So, the audience is still expecting the creators to come up with more installments. But will Shtisel Season 4 return? Keep reading to find out.

Created originally for Oh Yes by Ori Elon and Yehonatan Indursky, Shtisel debuted on Netflix in 2018. Shtisel centers upon a Haredi family living in Jerusalem. It follows the lives of an ultra-orthodox Jewish family. The show got praised for its innovative treatment. Then after, the streaming platform greenlit two more seasons. Moreover, Shtisel won several awards at the Israeli Television Academy Awards.

Will There Ever Be Shtisel Season 4?

Shtisel Season 4
Shtisel, Netflix

Presently, there are no official announcements confirming the arrival of Shtisel Season 4. Neither the makers nor the Netflix officials have said anything in this regard. However, talking about the possibilities, the chances for it to happen are slim. There are several factors that hint towards the cancelation of the series. Among these, the most important reason is the removal of Shtisel from Netflix.

While Netflix was clearing out its library in March 2023, it removed a handful of shows. Unfortunately, Shtisel was also removed and is no longer available on the streaming giant. After its international release, it gained popularity globally. But now, fans cannot stream it online. According to the reports, the contract between Yes Studio and Netflix expired. Hence, it was on March 25, 2023, when the Israeli drama was removed. However, Netflix already notified its viewers, so it was not sudden. But they were disappointed and were left with no choice.

Therefore, the future of Shtisel will remain in the dark for the time being. It would likely get a renewal only if any other OTT platform picks the series up. Moreover, it is unlikely for the makers to plan another season. Shtisel has already spawned three seasons. And the team seems convinced by its performance. Fans are already demanding a clear statement on the same. Hence, in the coming few months, Shtisel Season 4’s uncertainty could disappear.

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What Will Happen Next In Shtisel Season 4?

Shtisel Season 4
Shtisel, Netflix

In the last season, Yosa’le got engaged to Shira Levi. Their relationship strengthened, and the couple was happy about it. On the other hand, Shulem was delighted to spend more time with Akiva and Nukhem. Later on, Akiva began living with Racheli. The latter also took care of his daughter. Further, Akiva and Nuchem move out of Shulem’s house and bid goodbyes. Gradually, the relationship between Nechama and Nukhem saw growth and improvisation. Then after, all the dead relatives sat at a table and talked to the living members of the family. In the final episode, Ruchami was taken to the hospital because of her delivery. Lastly, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

As far as the fourth season is concerned, the story will continue telling the misadventures of the Jewish family. Moreover, it might focus on other members’ disturbed relations. Besides this, there is an equal possibility for a new plot to be inculcated. However, the main theme of the drama would be the same.

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Shtisel Season 4: Release Date

Shtisel Season 4
Shtisel, Netflix

Yes Studios’ managing director, Danna Stern, washed away all the expectations related to season 4. In an interview, she opened up about the future seasons of Shtisel. She said that the story of the drama has so far been concluded. Stern commented that they could not afford more drama. In contrast, she also claimed that the family could tolerate much more. Even though Danna showed up, the uncertainty persisted. Nevertheless, we expect Shtisel Season 4 to release somewhere around mid-2024. But if it takes more than two years, fans will have to assume it to be canceled.

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