May 30, 2024
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Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2: Sequel Confirmed! Is It The End Of The Kotaro Saga?

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2

The heart-touching first season of Kotaro Lives Alone was undoubtedly an emotional journey for the series’ fans. Throughout the season, the fans saw the titular character navigating his life without his parents at age 4. While the show brought plenty of heartwarming yet heartbreaking moments to the platter, fans are clamoring for Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2. But will it return? Well, it’s been a year, and fans haven’t learned about the future of the series. Neither the creator nor the studio house has made an official announcement. But the latest news hint at the possibility of Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2. So is it happening? Let’s see!


Kotaro Lives Alone aka Kotaro Wo Hitori Gurashi, is a popular slice-of-life manga by Mami Tsumura. The series started serializing in Shogakukan’s Seinen magazine. Soon its popularity drew Liden Films’ attention, and it got a TV anime. The series was picked up in 2021 and aired on Netflix in 2022. But before launching its anime, the manga received its live-action TV show on April 2021. It ran for ten episodes and is now ready to return with a second run. But will the anime also get another season? Let’s see!

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2: Recent Update

Fans are curious to know whether their favorite character will return with the second run. But Netflix has yet to announce its decision. But don’t fret. Although the creator hasn’t made the official announcement for the second season, it did drop a live-action sequel announcement. Early this year, the creator announced the second season of the live-action series. Although it has yet to receive a tentative release date, it was mentioned to air on April 2023.

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2: Renewal Status

The first season aired in March 2022, dropping all ten episodes altogether. But the finale certainly felt like the series finale instead of the season finale. It neatly tied up the protagonist’s story arc in the end. However, fans still wonder whether there’s any chance for Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2. Generally, the anime drops hints suggesting the show will return for a future run. Either “to be continued” pops up after its end, or they lose it in a cliffhanger. But it isn’t the case with Kotaro Lives Alone. Thus its fate remains in limbo.

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However, Netflix is currently changing its streaming section, and it has already resurrected several series that were on the verge of getting axed. So fans hope the streaming giant will also renew Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2. But Netflix rarely renews an anime within a couple of months. Typically the streaming giant takes an indefinite time to announce its decision. Considering the anime peaked in the top ten in five countries, it may return.

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2

Will There Be Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2?

The anime is still peaking at the top charts on Netflix, although it’s been a year since the streaming giant dropped the series. In fact, the series also made its way to the top list on IMDb. It gained 8.4 out of 10 on IMDb. Not only on IMDb, but the anime also secured the highest scores on MyAnimeList. The users continue to show their love on the platform, and as of now, it has gained 8.2 stars.

Now all these ratings are enough to suggest that the audience wants more of Kotaro. Even Redditters also created some posters to promote the show, demanding Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2. However, Netflix hasn’t renewed it. But considering the positive reception, it doesn’t look like the streamer won’t revisit the show. Hopefully, the ratings will help the creator to map another season, irrespective of its finale.

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2: Is There Enough Source Material Left?

Kotaro Wa Hitori Gurashi has been the hardest mangas to find online as it has no official translation. The slice-of-life manga started serializing in March 2015 and was created and illustrated by Mami Tsumura. It has recently dropped its ninth volume, and there’s speculation that more chapters will return this year. While the manga was ongoing, Studio Asbirds adapted it for its TV anime. Since the manga has no official translation online, it remains unclear how many chapters the TV adaption has covered.

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But as we know, the manga dropped the ninth volume after the anime hit the platform, hinting there’s room for more storyline. Further, the Japanese anime business creates animes mainly to increase manga sales. As of September 2021, the manga had 1.4 million copies in circulation, which increased after Kotaro Lives Alone anime. Soon it sold 1.7 million copies throughout Japan. Well, it shows that the anime did its best to promote the content. It’s a good sign that the manga is ongoing, so the creator can develop the next season based on the ninth volume.

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2

What Might Happen In Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2?

Well, the final episode was fashioned in a way that seemed like a perfect ending to the series instead of the season. It revealed Kotaro’s mother, and it turned out that her name was Sayori. Kotaro looked for a way to reunite with his parents, but his wish never fulfilled. Soon the episode dropped another bombshell that Kotaro’s mom was dead. Karino had already learned about the truth and decided to help Kotaro. He even took him to the cemetery so he could visit her anytime he wanted.

He also lent a helping hand to Kotaro. While it was the most heartbreaking ending, Karino decided to stay with Kotaro, and they ended up living together. However, it sounds like a perfect end to a little boy’s journey. The manga is still ongoing. So if the show gets renewed, there’s a chance that it may explore Kotaro’s journey after he finds out about his mom’s death. Well, he’s way more mature than his age, so how his life influences Karion’s will be interesting to see. Further, it remains unclear whether Karino will succeed in his career. So there’s a slight chance that the second season may explore all these things.

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2: Release Date

While the chances for Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 are quite slim, Netflix silence made it more questionable. Despite this, fans are still rooting for the show. They have been campaigning to revive the show. However, there’s another sequel in line: the live-action sequel of Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2. As for the anime, the streamer still needs to renew it. So it remains unclear when it will air. But we will inform you as soon as we learn an official announcement. Till then, stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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