Ballistic Beats Net Worth
Ballistic Beats

Ballistic Beats Net Worth: Artist’s Whopping Income Will Blow Your Mind

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has provided many dramas into the stars’ life. Celebrities find their partner and decide whether the person matches their expectations or not. The latest season has become more interesting after DJ Ballistic Beats’ name was linked to Joseline Hernandez. She recently broke off with Steve J and moved on with Ballistic Beats. He is a well-established DJ and music producer. Lately, the personality has been in buzz after his relationship with Joseline got official. People are searching for his career background and past relationships. But apart from it, fans are also curious to dig into Ballistic Beats Net Worth.

Recently, Joseline got involved in a romantic relationship with Ballistic Beats, who stays in Miami. Thus, even though she belonged to Atlanta, the actress moved to her boyfriend’s place. Ballistic has worked as a music producer and has established his name popularly in the music industry. He has created several music tracks with Serayah and Tamar Braxton. He is also known for his collaboration with Prince Charles, a music producer.

Ballistic Beats Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn In 2023?

Ballistic Beats Net Worth
Joseline Hernandez And Ballistic Beats

Talking about the net worth, DJ Ballistic Beats is estimated to have $1 million. As of February 2023, his income has seen a significant rise. Most of it is contributed because of the songs and the music tracks he creates. The artist also earns through brand endorsements, partnerships, and advertisements. Moreover, Beats himself has revealed his link to many popular music stars and singers, including Taylor Swift, Tamar Braxton, and Jazza Pha. However, none of the stars confirmed anything in this regard. To date, people so far remember Prince Charles and Ballistic Beats working together for the Grammy Society. Therefore, these definitely let him earn a lot monthly as well as annually.

In addition, Joseline and Ballistic got engaged recently. Thus, the entire earning of both will contribute to both of them. Interestingly, in 2018, media reports claimed Joseline’s income to be around $300,000. The figures would have surely increased over the course of the years. However, exact information on the same is not available.

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Is Ballistic Beats Married? Whom Is He Dating?

Ballistic Beats Net Worth
ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Joseline Hernandez and Balistic Beats attend Zeus Network’s Joseline’s Cabaret: Atlanta Season 2 screening at AMC Madison Yards 8 on April 18, 2021, in Atlanta.

The headlines stating Ballistic Betas was in a relationship with Joseline Hernandez got viral after the latter posted a video on her Instagram handle. Both were spotted together in the online video, and that’s when the dating rumors sparked. She kissed him in the video’s last scene and captioned it with a romantic line. The post caught the attention of the fans, and various speculations surfaced on the internet. Further, the couple was clicked together on many different occasions. They were also seen kissing each other in Miami.

In 2019, the rumors stated that Ballistic Beats had been officially engaged to Joseline. At the same time, media reports were claiming the same. But, the actress showed up with a clarification. She took to her Instagram and denied all the gossip. However, later on, an official engagement was announced. The couple tied the wedding knot in the finale of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition. Moreover, the two shared the news on Instagram and captioned it, “We got engaged today! I can’t even describe how I feel right now.

If you have been following Ballistic Beats, you might have seen various pictures posted with Joseline. The singer has shared a handful of romantic photos of them. In addition, they flaunted their matching rings in one of the posted photographs. Both are happy with each other and spend quality time.

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Did Ballistic Beats Accept Bonnie Bella?

Joseline has a young daughter named Bonnie Bella Hernandez. Surprisingly, her father, Stevie J, is now the ex-husband of the actress. However, Ballistic Beats has accepted the little girl with all his heart. Both of them have good times at home, and they have fun together. DJ Beats keeps on sharing the family pictures of the three. He even posted Bonnie’s picture, wishing her a birthday. Thus, it is very evident that the father and daughter relationship has evolved so much in these years. In addition, Bonnie Bella lives happily with him.

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