Kingdom Business Season 2

Kingdom Business Season 2: Filming Begining In Atlanta! Release Date Out?

It seems like yesterday when fans last saw the music-driven drama Kingdom Business, and now the streamer is ready to enlighten their world with Kingdom Business Season 2. Fans already crave knowing how things will change in the protagonist’s life in Kingdom Business Season 2, especially after watching the mindblowing cliffhanger. Well, no doubt, the closing moment hit the fans hard when one of their favorite character’s fate remains in limbo. But don’t worry at all, as BET+ has recently revealed their plans for the second outing. So keep reading to know more.

BET+ popular series follows Denita, a gospel superstar. She runs the in-house record label while balancing her life as First Lady of First Kingdom Church. Denita is strict and determined to guard her family and their secrets at any cost. And things happen as planned, and she also enjoys the fruits of her labor. But suddenly, her life turns dark, and things don’t work in her favor. As the series progress, her status gets threatened when a new superstar enters her world.

Kingdom Business Season 2: Latest News

We have delighted news for the fans of the musical drama Kingdom Business. The show that debuted last year quickly reached a great height, and fans can’t wait to see how things will move in the upcoming season. And it seems like they don’t have to wait that much. This is because reports surfaced recently that Kingdom Business Season 2 has started the casting calls. The series is all set to begin production and soon return to your screen. To know more, keep reading.

Kingdom Business Season 2

Kingdom Business Season 2: Renewal Status

After much anticipation, BET+ has finally announced the fate of its popular music-driven drama. Earlier this February, BET+ officially renewed Kingdom Business Season 2. The announcement came before the season finale, which was quite surprising for the fans. However, this shows the streamer’s fate in the series and how passionate they are to bring such a story to their audience’s plate. As per the ratings, the pilot episode received 0.63 million watch hours. But sadly, the viewership dropped in the second episode.

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However, in the case of scripted series, the drop in viewership is quite often. But throughout the season, the show saw a hike in viewership from the third episode. Sadly, the finale didn’t receive much appreciation from the fans. However, the overall response to the show was great. It did manage to score 7.5 stars out of 10 on IMDb. Thus, the creator, including the streamer, looks forward to returning with Kingdom Business Season 2 to give justice to their first season.

Kingdom Business Season 2

Has Production Begun?

Good news! The production is currently underway in Atlanta. As per the reports, the series executive Holly Carter, DeVon Franklin, and multi-Grammy-award-winner Michael Van Dyck and Kirk Franklin have started working on the principle photography. A month ago, CBS News dropped casting call news. Hylton Casting is currently casting new faces as a core group of stand-ins for Kingdom Business Season 2. The casting will continue till April 2023. A week ago, the outlet again shared another piece of the announcement. As per the reports, the network is looking for background actors for the second season, as the filming has already begun.

Kingdom Business Season 2

Kingdom Business Season 2: Cast Details

While the show is looking for more background actors, it’s safe to say that your favorite characters will return for the second season. Back then, Deadline reported that Yolanda Adams would return as series lead reprising her role as “Queen of Gospel” Denita Jordan. Serayah will join her as Rbel, an upcoming gospel star with a troubled past. She continues to threaten Denita’s crown and her legacy. Joining as recurring guest stars are Louis Gossett Jr. and Loretta Devine as Denita’s parents Jeremiah and Darlene.

Musical guests in Kingdom Business Season 2 include Billboard and Grammy Award winners Chandler Moore and Tasha Cobbs Leonard. The duo earned a Grammy Award for their Christian Music Album. Apart from them, some more faces from the first season will return too. These include Tamar Braxton as Sasha, Kiandra Richardson as C.J. Jordan-Walker, and La’Myia Good as Essence. However, whether Michael Beach will return for the second season remains unclear. His character, Bishop Calvin Jordan’s fate, remains in limbo as the closing moment hints at his death.

Kingdom Business Season 2

Kingdom Business Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

The first season follows Denita Jordan’s struggle to balance her life as the Queen of Gospel Music at Kingdom Records in Atlanta. While her husband is Bishop at First Kingdom, she still continues to lead the church. She has little patience for insurrection among her employees and family. But their life turns dark when a new powerhouse performer enters the gospel world. Rbel is a new gospel singer who challenges Denita. However, being a young pole dancer makes things difficult for her.

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However, the season finale left the audience in awe with a cliffhanger ending for Michael Beach’s character. In the end, fans saw Bishop Calvin Jordan at the altar in deep reflection. But suddenly, we heard a gunshot, and before it could reveal the fate of Calvin, the credits rolled. So the upcoming season will reveal the future of Calvin and who got shot. If Calvin receives the gunshot, it will likely create a problem for Denita. She will face emotional turmoil while trying to balance her work life.

Kingdom Business Season 2

Kingdom Business Season 2: Release Date

The series was initially developed for NBC. But it later moved to BET+. Hence it took almost two years to land on the screen. However, it won’t be the case with Kingdom Business Season 2. As mentioned above, the filming has already started, so returning to your screen will take little time. Typically, filming takes almost six months to wrap up before undergoing post-production. Based on it, we expect that the second season will air sometime in the fall of 2023.


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