Miranda Lambert Weight Gain

Miranda Lambert Weight Gain: Country Singer Trolled For Her Looks!

The country superstar Miranda Lambert is once again the talk of the town after she canceled her Las Vegas concert. Well, her fans were excited to see her perform on stage, but her sudden cancelation news surprised everyone. Has it something to do with Miranda Lambert weight gain? Well, the star has dealt with several body-shaming trolls from the audience as well as celebrities. It also leads to a feud between her and Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. But is this the reason behind her concert’s cancelation? Well, Miranda is currently working on plenty of things. So instead of guessing how things end like this, let’s head to what Miranda Lambert says about it.

But First, Who Is Miranda Lambert?

Born on November 10, 1983, Miranda Leigh Lambert is the daughter of former Dallas police officer Rick and Bev Lambert. Her parents soon became private detectives when she was just a child and worked on the high-profile impeachment of President Bill Clinton case. But after the oil crisis, they lost everything. Despite the hardships, her parents inspired her, which fueled her interest in music. She debuted professionally in high school with “The Texas Pride Band.”

Miranda Lambert Weight Gain

Miranda Lambert Talked About Not Linked With Any Label

At 16, she appeared on the Johnnie High Country Music Revue and later worked under the label of Nashville’s studio. However, she left it as she was frustrated with the “pop” type of music presented to her and decided to return to Texas. Well, her musical journey was a bumpy ride. She worked with several different labels. But currently, Miranda isn’t working under any label. She told ABC Audio that she didn’t have a label for the first time in 20 years, and it felt pretty great. Well, it isn’t that she is not connected with any brand. She still owns Vanner Records, which she and Sony launched together back in 2016.

What she meant by not working under a label is that she isn’t working under a big brand. However, she’s ready to explore new options and see how things will move now. Although she isn’t working with any label, she isn’t just free-fall. Miranda has recently revealed that she’s working on tons of songs and a few excellent collaborations to work for. While she hasn’t spilled the beans on her latest project, she did hint that soon she’ll return with full power. The star is nominated in several categories in the upcoming ACM Awards. But Miranda Lambert weight gain may affect her performance on the stage.

Miranda Lambert Weight Gain

Miranda Lambert Weight Gain Is A Big Headache

Well, Miranda Lambert has struggled with body insecurities and her weight for her whole life. The country singer revealed that her weight loss journey was bumpy. She admitted that because she’s 5’4″, weight shows quickly. It made her upset plenty of times in the past. She continued that she was in a music career and her looks were important. So she tried to lose some pounds to gain that confidence. But weight loss wasn’t her cup of tea. No matter how much she loses weight, it returns quickly. It was hard for her to maintain her physique.

She followed a fitness or diet routine, but it didn’t work well. Every time she did low-carb, she gained back quickly. But now things are different. Despite Miranda Lambert weight gain, she has nothing to be concerned about. She’s happy to find a safe place as her husband still adores her despite her chubby and curvy figure. Now Miranda doesn’t feel worried about her body while performing onstage. And as per her, Miranda Lambert weight gain is the last thing she thinks about. It’s a good sign. But her confidence shattered after some celebrities trolled her.

Miranda Lambert Weight Gain

Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Make Fun Of Country Singer

Miranda Lambert weight gain has been a point of concern for her. But things changed after her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, entered her life. She even started loving her body. But recently, rumors surfaced that Miranda is upset after Blake and Gwen laughed at her as she has gained considerable weight. It sparked rumors of an alleged feud between the stars. As per the reports, Blake and Gwen saw what Miranda looked like now and allegedly started laughing at her privately.

When their jokes made their way to Miranda, she was hurt. Although Blake and Gwen’s words hurt her, she knew she was the winner here as she got married to Brendan. Her husband assured her he would continue loving her despite her weight gain. Still, Miranda Lambert weight gain was a big deal, and she contacted a physician too. The source said she weighed a lot more than before, and she blamed the pandemic for it. As per the reports, the singer now weighs 170 pounds.

Miranda Lambert Weight Gain

Miranda Lambert Weight Gain Leads To Cancel Her Concert

On Thursday, Miranda Lambert shared upsetting news. The singer took to her Instagram, where she shared that she had to cancel her Las Vegas performance because of her ill health. She revealed she was under doctor’s care all day and had to be put on vocal rest. This was why she decided to cancel the concert. In her story, she mentioned how her fans could get refunds. While she apologized for the inconvenience, many believed her ill health had something to do with her weight gain. The reason behind her sudden health issues remains unclear. But her fans were concerned about Miranda Lambert weight gain. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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