The Eighth Sense Episodes 9 & 10

The Eighth Sense Episodes 9 & 10: Finale! Jihyun Waits For Jaewon’s Answer For The Last Time!

The K-BL drama is expanding, but the BL dramas are generally more lighthearted series than other romantic dramedy. But in the case of The Eighth Sense, things are quite different. The show follows the struggle of Jihyun, who tries to be with his lover. And his struggle will escalate in The Eighth Sense Episodes 9 & 10 when his love interest continues to ignore him. Fans are looking for a happy ending as they have seen Jihyun facing several ups and downs. But will he ever get a happy ending? Keep reading to learn it.

The Eighth Sense Episodes 9 & 10: What Will Happen Next?

Well, in the closing moment, Joon learned that Jihyun had feelings for Jaewon. But he doesn’t know how to proceed with the news. As for Jihyun, he’s shattered and has no clue how to handle his feelings. He has yet to learn about Jaewon and whether he will accept him. Despite this, in The Eighth Sense Episodes 9 & 10, Jihyun opens up to Jaewon. The former seeks the answer before leaving the surf club. But Jaewon continues to ignore him, which breaks Jihyun’s heart. He needs to find a way to deal with the pain. Finally, the big day will appear when they have to reveal their project. Meanwhile, Joon-Pyo will announce jolting news that will change everything.

The Eighth Sense Episodes 9 & 10

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, the class prepared for the presentation. But the rest of the class interrupted Jihyun’s presentation, and the instructor told him to rethink his project. After class, Bitna met Aeri and Jihyun for lunch and discussed the surf club’s dissolution. However, Jaewon looked at Jihyun from her lunch seat across from Eunji. Jihyun didn’t mind being starred by him and smiled at Jaewon. But Jaewon didn’t acknowledge that. Later Aeri mentioned that a hearing was scheduled to occur the other day against Jaewon, which irritated Eunji.

Eunji and Yoon-won then tried to persuade Taehyung to withdraw his allegations against Jaewon before the trial. But he didn’t listen to them, and the trial started. Taehyung explained why Jaewon should be blamed even though he only served as a teaching assistant. However, Jaewon surprised everyone when he accepted his responsibility for his deeds. Later the council members called Yoon-won, and he explained Jaewon’s action on behalf of the club. The members then informed Hyun that he aimed to describe his typical behavior instead of defending Jaewon’s actions. Later Ji-Hyun told Joon-Pyo that his behavior had severely damaged Jaewon.

The Eighth Sense Episodes 9 & 10

The Eighth Sense Episodes 9 & 10: Release Date

The finale is here, and fans will finally learn the fate of Jihyun and Jaewon’s relationship. The Eighth Sense Episodes 9 & 10 will air on April 26, 2023, at 9 pm KST. It consists of a total number of 10 episodes of around 30 minutes long. The all-new episode follows a weekly release pattern. So don’t miss it. You can watch it on Viki, as the show is a web series. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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