May 23, 2024
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Turner And Hooch Season 2: Cast Teases Return Amid Cancelation!

Turner And Hooch Season 2

Turner And Hooch Season 2: There are rare moments when we hear a series inheriting the story of a particular movie. One such show that continues the legacy of an American film is Turner And Hooch. Interestingly, the film was titled the same and was released back in 1989. The series falls in the cop action category and is popular for its inciting story. The audience also enjoyed the pair of the US Marshal and the dog who helps him in solving cases. Turner And Hooch’s first season was released in 2021, and since then, it has been giving birth to several rumors concerning its renewal. Therefore, fans are curiously searching for the details about Turner And Hooch Season 2. If you are also the one, you have landed at the perfect destination.


Created by Matt Nix, Turner And Hooch is popular among the people as a legacy sequel. Interestingly, Matt has not only served as the creator of the series but also wrote the story along with his role as one of the executive producers. Moreover, the action series opened up to mixed reviews and garnered average ratings. The story revolves around an unexpected relationship between Scott Turner and a dog named Hooch. Together, they investigate Scott’s father’s death which he assumed to be planned. Apart from the inspection part, the duo forms a lively atmosphere in the Turner family.

Turner And Hooch Season 2: Cast Teases Possibility!

Disney Plus has already announced that Turner And Hooch won’t be returning with another season in the future. Washing away all the expectations, on December 2, 2021, the network confirmed the cancellation of the series after season 1. Thus, Turner and Hooch Season 2 has been pushed into the darker room and will not show up. In fact, a few days before the public statement, McLaren indicated the show being called off. While replying to a user on social media, the actor said not to hold his breath as it could lead to death. Moreover, the platform did not find it necessary to associate the cancellation with a valid reason. This has left the fans wondering about the factors that could have led the officials to announce such a decision.

Turner And Hooch Season 2
Disney Plus

A couple of media reports have suggested the average reviews to be the main cause behind the decision. Most of the prominent media houses have placed Turner and Hooch in the category of a normal series. Talking about the overall reception, the show has performed under expectations. Even though it failed to impress the critics, the series was anyways a winner for the fans. Hence, Disney Plus would have been disappointed with its run, and to avoid more loss, it might have axed the project.

Cast Shares Their Desire To Return

But initially, there were talks hinting toward a sequel. The cast was pretty hopeful for the follow-up since VelJohnson mentioned his will to return to the screens. While speaking to the ComicBook, the actor expressed the probability of the series being sold to another network. Adding to his statement, he commented that he was not sure of such a happening, and for the time being, Turner and Hooch are not returning back. Besides this, in an interview with Collider, the American actor was asked about his return to the franchise. He replied that it would be a great opportunity for him to continue his journey with the other cast members in Turner And Hooch Season 2.

What Could Have Happened Next In Turner And Hooch Season 2?

Scott Turner desperately searched for all the things that could lead him to the ultimate point. He very well knew that his father’s death was not accidental. Thus, along with his dog partner, Hooch, he reviewed all the files. Later on, after conducting his investigation, he presented his report to the police chief. However, the officer denied looking into it as it lacked proper evidence. Although Turner had immense trust in Hooch, the cop warned him for trusting a dog and relying upon him the most. On the other hand, Scott, Hooch, and Xavier were appointed for the protection of a robotics lab. Strangely, the dog lost consciousness every time the employees activated the drone.

Turner and Hooch Season 2
Turner and Hooch, Disney Plus

Later on, Scott Turner told Erica to plan a party, but the former could not attend the event because of his earlier commitments. Scott contacted Laura and handed Hooch to her as the dog might put his job in danger. Further, he discovered that Hooch was uncomfortable and went crazy. Meanwhile, they captured a security guard who stole things from the lab. On the other hand, Scott called off his relationship with Brooke and went away to find Hooch.

Most probably, the second season would have picked from the endpoint of season 1. There were chances for the series to explore more about the investigation. Also, there were no major cliffhangers, so Turner and Hooch Season 2 might have continued with a different story.

Which Actors Could Have Returned In The Next Season?

Turner and Hooch Season 2
Turner and Hooch, Disney Plus

The first chapter featured Josh Peck as Scott Turner Jr., an ambitious U.S. Marshal. Carra Patterson played the character of Jessica Baxter, the female lead. Vanessa Lengies, Lyndsy Fonseca, and Brandon Jay McLaren appeared as Erica Mouniere, Laura Turner, and Xavier Wilson, respectively. Anthony Ruivivar essayed the role of James Mendez, while Jeremy Maguire joined the cast as Matthew Garland.

As far as the cast of Turner And Hooch Season 2 is concerned, all the prominent actors from the main panel would have returned to the screens. Moreover, a handful of new faces had a chance to appear in recurring roles.

Turner and Hooch Season 2: Release Date

The legacy sequel has already been canceled from developing a new season. Therefore, there is no release date available. Nevertheless, if it had not been canceled, Turner and Hooch Season 2 might have been released back in 2022 or could have been planned for 2023.

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