April 25, 2024
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Echo 3 Season 2: Apple TV Renew The Mini-Series For 2024?

Echo 3 Season 2

Action and thrill are an evergreen pair. Based on the same genre, Apple TV Plus has released several shows, one of which is Echo 3. Interestingly, the film has been shot in two languages simultaneously, English and Spanish. In addition to this, almost the entire series has been filmed in Columbia. With never-ending drama, Echo 3 is all about the race against time. After the series was aired in 2022, it opened up to mixed reviews. Moreover, following the first batch of episodes, fans are demanding new chapters to the show. Therefore, Echo 3 Season 2 is a curious topic among the viewers. Here’s what we know!


Created by Mark Boal, Echo 3 premiered on Apple TV Plus, the first three episodes landed on November 23, 2022. With episodes released weekly, the debut installment wrapped recently in January 2023. Surprisingly, the story is based on two different sources. Echo 3 found its inspiration from the novel Amir Gutfreund. At the same time, it was based on an Israeli series, When Heroes Fly, an award-winning drama created by Omri Givon. Apple TV Plus’ Echo 3 is centered upon a kidnapping case of a female scientist, Amber. Her husband, Prince, and brother-in-law, Bambi, try everything to save her from the Columbia-based drug gang. During the rescue operation, dark secrets of their lives reveal, and situations slip out of their control.

Will There Be Echo 3 Season 2?

As of now, neither the makers nor the officials of Apple TV Plus have said anything in regard to renewing Echo 3. Presently, the second season stands uncertain, and it is yet to be stated whether future installments will be restored or canceled. Therefore, the future of Echo 3 is in limbo, but we might get a clear answer soon in the coming time. In addition to this, none of the actors or the crew members showed up with a hit that could ignite a ray of hope among the fans.

So, the probability for the series to be picked up for the second season is quite favorable. Echo 3 managed to receive mixed reviews and was well-received by the audience as well. IMDB has rated the series with 6.5 stars pointing towards average reception. Apart from all these factors, the story was intriguing enough to keep the viewers engaged. The unexpected twists and turns played a key role in forming a compelling plot. Well, besides this, media reports are already claiming Echo 3 to be billed as a mini-series. Thus, if such a case prevails, the second season is not likely to be confirmed. With the existence of such circumstances, we cannot really say what the makers would have planned or are planning.

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What Will Happen Next In Echo 3 Season 2?

Echo 3 introduced us to the story of Amber, whose kidnapping forms the central part of the story. Even though the entire series is based on ‘When Heroes Fly,’ many of the elements were not evident in real life. However, Mark Boal kept most of the realistic incidents the way it was portrayed in the Israeli series. Moreover, the original location described in the eponymous novel was Chicago, but he shifted the setting to Columbia. The mental trauma and physical pain of the characters add more reality. Nevertheless, the peculiar backstories and individual storylines increased the extensivity of the story.

Echo 3 Season 2
Echo 3, Apple TV Plus

In the first season, Amber got captured by the militants while working on her research work. She was held as being a spy by them, and so they did not want their network to be destroyed by her. On the other hand, when her husband and brother-in-law did not hear from her for several days, they began looking out for Amber. As the story moved forward, Amber was constantly traumatized and tortured. She was even given drugs, and most of the time, the drug cartels kept the woman imprisoned. During the last few episodes, we saw that Momo was released, but Amber was still struggling.

Some of the kidnapper’s plans reached the Prince and Bambi, which made them carry out the rescue operation more quickly. It was pretty difficult for them to start the mission on their own, so Mitch and Prince’s father helped them with the challenging job. The team only had 48 minutes to save Amber, so they needed to work smartly. Lastly, Prince, Amber, and Bambi took shelter in a hiding place.

The second season might focus on the extended version of the story. Although Echo 3 covered most of the source’s story, we expect the thrill and adventures to continue knocking on Amber’s door. Moreover, it can focus on the after-effects of the incident on the female scientist.

Who Are Expected To Return In The Future Run?

Echo 3 Season 2
Echo 3, Apple TV Plus

Talking about the cast of the initial installment, Michiel Huisman played the role of Prince Haas. Luke Evans appeared in the character of Bambi Chesborough. Both served as Delta Force Operators in the US Army. Jessica Ann Collins essayed the role of Amber Chesborough. In addition to these actors, Fahim Fazli, James Udom, and Elizabeth Anweis joined the cast as Jabar, Mitch, and Natalie Foster, respectively. As far as the cast of the second season is concerned, most of the main actors are likely to return to their respective roles.

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Echo 3 Season 2: Release Date

Since the release date is yet to be announced, fans can only speculate about it. Although we can expect Echo 3 Season 2 to drop on Apple TV Plus by 2024. Till then, you can refresh your memories by watching the previous episodes. Stay Tuned to TECH RADAR 247 for more such updates!

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