Jinny's Kitchen Episode 10

Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 10: Finale! V’s Last Day Makes Everyone Cry! Know Where To Stream

BTS V’s variety show is all set to conclude with Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 10, and now fans are way too curious to see how things will move in the final episode. Throughout this season, the Korean snack bar team did their best to attract customers and expand Korean cuisine. And luckily, they succeeded in their target as more and more customers made their way to their restaurant. But the finale hints at a most beautiful ending when the team will finally hit their target. Let’s see how things will move in Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 10.

Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 10: What Will Happen Next?

The final episode will follow from where the show has left off. In the closing moment, Park Seo Joon informed his team that they still had some pesos behind to hit their target. So they need to buckle up. However, V tells him to let him handle it in the upcoming episode. He pulls up his hand gloves and soon starts preparing the meal. The time has already come to close the restaurant. But it’s still loaded with plenty of customers looking forward to tasting their dishes. Now the upcoming episode will also reveal how much they have made throughout their time in Mexico and whether their target has been achieved.

Jinny's Kitchen Episode 10

A Quick Recap!

The penultimate episode marked the final day of the cast employment in Bacalar, Mexico. So the group set a goal for the day to earn 12,000 pesos. With the target in mind, the employees at Jinny’s Kitchen started their day with a lot of enthusiasm and hoped to achieve their goal for the day. But their motivation was pushed through as things started poorly. Initially, it became challenging for them to attract customers. For almost an hour, no customer showed up. So to lighten things up, V started showing his incredible dance moves to make the place more lively.

But his dancing moves gained rave reviews from Jung Yumi. But it did turn out fruitful for them. Soon their first customers- a mother and her little child- entered. But it became difficult for the staff members to bring a smile to her face. Everyone tried their best to make her smile, but their attempts went in vain. However, when V joined the team soon, things started working in their favor. The girl child quickly smiled after noticing V, turning out to be a massive fan of his. Meanwhile, Park Seo Joon saw Choi Woo Shik relaxing in the kitchen while he was preparing dinner. So he started making jokes to lighten up their last day at work.

Jinny's Kitchen Episode 10

Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 10: Release Date

The finale is here, and the variety show will finally reveal whether the team has fulfilled its target. Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 10 will air on April 28, 2023, at 7.50 pm KST. The all-new episode air every Friday night with a runtime of around an hour. While the show will conclude, it remains unclear whether it will return with Jinny’s Kitchen Season 2. It is available to stream on TVING and tvN, while the global audience can catch it on Amazon Prime Video. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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