May 22, 2024
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Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 2: Doctors Face A New Threat After Intelligence Officers Arrive! WATCH

Romantic Season 3 Episode 2

After watching the epic first episode of Dr. Romantic Season 3, fans are way too curious to see how the doctors handle the situation in Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 2. Well, the pilot episode was a blast as it took fans on a rollercoaster ride. But things escalate when they pick a thrilling, challenging, and life-threatening mission to save North Koreans. The doctors are now back to start their trauma center. But wait a minute- only a few of them know about the center, and the rest of the Doldam Hospital remains unaware of their plan. But why are they risking their lives? Keep reading to know that.


Romantic Season 3 Episode 2: What Will Happen Next?

In the closing moment, the Intelligence officer found out about the trauma center, and they also interrogated the little boy. Kim and the other doctors seem surprised to find out that someone has leaked this information. Despite this, they continue the operation as their patient needs them in Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 2. However, all the doctors have created a huge problem for themselves by doing this. Now the South Korean Intelligence officers are trying to stop them as they can’t breach the order. But Kim fights back as he believes they all are humans and need care. So despite being warned by the officials, his team continues treating the North Korean patients. But they are hit with another tragedy. The power failure occurs during the operation, creating chaos among the doctors.

Romantic Season 3 Episode 2

A Quick Recap!

Three years after the second season finale, the third season opened up with a suspicious boat trying to enter the South Korean coast. Soon the Coast Guards arrived and saw a few bodies of men who were shot. The guards also rescued a young boy and a woman who revealed they were North Korean. She said her father was also shot and was profusely bleeding. The naval doctor tried to stop his bleeding but could not do it. Soon Dr. Seo Woo-jin, Jung In-soo, and Park Eun-tak entered the picture with a helicopter where they signed a confidential that if they leaked the information, the guards would court-marshal them. Meanwhile, Dr. Chan Eun-jae looked for Dr. Kim Sa-bu, who was fishing in his free time.

Back on the ship, the doctors learned that the bullet had damaged the man’s liver and was still inside. So they decided to operate without proper amenities. Soon Eun-jae found Kim San-bu and told him about the patient’s condition. Woo-jin revealed the man had three gunshots, and two bullets were still inside his body. The man’s daughter appeared to be a medical professional herself and told her father’s condition. As per Kim’s instruction, Woo-jin started the operation, but the patient’s blood pressure dropped, making things problematic. Soon Kim joined the operation and somehow managed to control the patient’s condition, but the coast guards refused to transport them to the hospital, creating problems for everyone.

Romantic Season 3 Episode 2

Romantic Season 3 Episode 2: Release Date

The upcoming episode will focus on the doctors’ struggle and how they deal with the new challenges. Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 2 will air on April 29, 2023, at 10 pm KST. It consists of 16 episodes of an hour long. The all-new episode follows the weekly release pattern, airing every Friday and Saturday night. The local Korean audience can stream it on SBS, while the global audience can catch it on Disney+. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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