June 15, 2024
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Alone Season 10: CHECK OUT! New Contestants Announced, Releasing Soon

Alone Season 10

Alone Season 10: American survival competition shows really have a knack for creating their own fanbase. ‘Survivor’ has constructed a legacy that no other show can ever replace. Similarly, History TV came up with another reality series called ‘Alone.’ The reality show debuted in 2015, and since then, the journey has continued. In that, the competitors are taken to deserted islands of any country. So far, the remote locations include Vancouver Island, Chillko Lake, and various others. Moreover, the unfiltered content and enthralling unforeseen circumstances have formed a huge fan following among the audience. After the last installment ended on August 4, 2022, viewers were left alone as their favorite show had not appeared since then. But TECH RADAR 247 has heard something exciting concerning Alone Season 10. Let’s find out.


Bankrolled by Leftfield Pictures, the TV series has been executively produced by numerous personalities. The first season was dropped on June 18, 2015, and was quickly renewed even before its finale. The official team continued to restore the series for nine successful seasons. Talking about the format, a group of people is taken to an island situated far away from the residential or city area. Those individuals struggle to make their living with minimal equipment and limited source. Interestingly, the competitors are isolated from each other. The individual who manages to survive for the longest in unfavorable situations is declared the winner. Lastly, a huge amount of prize money is awarded to the ‘Alone’ winner.

Will There Be Alone Season 10?

Alone Season 10

It has almost been eight years since the first season of History TV‘s Alone premiered on the channel. Interestingly, 2017 marked the arrival of two seasons, whereas the following year was extraordinary because of the special series. As per the data available online, Alone Season 7 is the longest-running chapter, with the winner being decided on the 100th day. However, in 2022, two spin-off series, Alone: Frozen and Alone: The Skills Challenge, were ordered. The former one marked the return of the previous contestants to struggle for their life for 50 days. Meanwhile, The Skills Challenge had three former competitors. Apart from this, the competition series is known to have bagged positive reviews and reaching to millions of viewers. The splendid performance of the show has led to a strong reception as well as viewership.

Talking about Alone Season 10, the team has already announced its arrival. After the ninth installment wrapped up, the next chapter was immediately renewed. Therefore, the series is again returning to the screens. Moreover, reportedly, the production is wrapped up. The details of the location have not been revealed yet. But, like the past seasons, the upcoming installment will be set in difficult terrain and challenging climate.

What Will Happen In Alone Season 10?

In the last season, Teimojin was trying his best to adjust himself to the weather. It was getting worse, but he was relieved that the roof he built was still the same. In addition, he had some reindeer moss that helped him with his things. Therefore, he decided to use the water of the mosses and then created a moss ice castle. With the adverse conditions, his health started deteriorating, and he was losing strength both physically and mentally.

Upon seeing himself, Teimojin said that he would improve his overall health after the completion of Alone. Further, he was spotted near his bear hang when snowfall began. He was already draining energy constantly, and the morale boost was the need of the time. He then went on to check up on his leftover food and the moss stew that he had prepared. During his journey, he hoped for a better relationship with his mother and would never leave her alone.

Alone Season 10
History TV

Kaire Seemed Optimistic

The next contestant in the highlight was Karie Lee. She welcomed the snowfall by creating a snow angel and then built a cob oven for heat and warmth during the cold weather. After making the oven, she was busy creating a chimney for it. However, it took her longer than she ever expected, and sadly, the parts of the oven were falling apart. Since the setup failed, Karie was unable to cook food and was disheartened that she had wasted her precious time. Nevertheless, the lady seemed interested in spending time with the soil and wished to establish a spiritual connection with it. Surprisingly, she assumed that a snow bear might have passed by her shelter camp, but there were no such footprints. Lee felt energized after feeding on the berries. The next moment, she again set a trap for the bear, but she did not succeed.

In Alone Season 10, the contestants will continue to face various troubles related to terrain, climate, wildlife, and adverse living conditions. Moreover, the creator promises another remote location where ten contestants would fight for their survival. As per the synopsis, the survivalist will arrive in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. The place is known for its vicious predators, including wolves, moose, and territorial black bears. Now the survivalists have to endure the bone-chilling weather and face off against the animals in order to last as long as they can. However, they can take ten items with them to make their survival journey a bit easy.

Who Will Be In The Next Season?

Alone Season 10
History TV

Every season features ten contestants except for season 4, where 14 contestants participated in the survival game. The last installment was filmed in Canada. Juan Pablo Quiñonez, Adam Riley, Teimojin Tan., and Karie Lee Knoke were featured in the series. In addition to them, Terry Burns, Tom Garstang, Jessie Krebs, Jacques Turcotte, Igor Limansky, and Benji Hill were among the cast. As far as the cast of Alone Season 10 is concerned, a new set of contestants will be coming on board for a new location.

Season 10 will feature Cade Cole, a professional hunting guide, James “Wyatt” Black, a business owner, and Lee Ray DeWilde, a pilot. Besides them, Mikey Helton, a carpenter, Jodi Rose, an owner of Wild River Tables, and Luke Joseph Olsen, an entrepreneur, will also make their appearance. The other contestants include Ann Rosenquist, an off-grid organic farmer, Alan Tenta, a high school teacher, and Melanie Sawyer, a living history teacher. The next run will also star Tarcisio “Tax” Ramos Dos Santos, a musician.

Alone Season 10: Release Date

The release date for Alone Season 10 has already been announced. The first episode of the forthcoming installment will be released on June 8, 2023. It will be interesting to see how many days this season will take to wrap itself up. Till then, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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