April 12, 2024
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Business Proposal Season 2: Production Starts Amid Cancelation Rumors?

Business Proposal Season 2

One of the finest K-dramas, Business Proposal, is still the talk of the town, despite the show wrapping up airing in early 2022. Fans are curious whether their favorite show will return with Business Proposal Season 2. Well, the drama has a huge global fanbase and continues to increase day by day. But its fate remains in limbo. Do you know the series lead has recently dropped the hints that they are back to the sets of Business Proposal Season 2? So is the second season happening? Well, there are several questions left to answer. So without wasting time, let’s head to see what SBS is cooking for us.


The romantic comedy Business Proposal follows the struggle of Shin Ha Ri. Well, the show begins with a blind date fixed by Jin Young-Seo’s father. He sends his daughter to meet Chaebol Kang Tae Moo. However, she asks her friend Ha Ri to replace her and ensure Tae Moo rejects her. But it entangles their destiny as Tae Moo falls in love with Ha Ri and agrees to see her more. It quickly leads to more problems for Yeong Seo, who wants to find the love of her life. But as the show progresses, Tae Moo and Ha Ri come closer than ever, making things more obvious.

Business Proposal Season 2: Latest News

Fans of the Kdrama are already looking forward to hearing pleasant news regarding Business Proposal Season 2 since the show wrapped up airing. Well, the show undoubtedly made the headlines when it hit the streaming giant. Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to make an official announcement. But guess what? The series’ main couple recently dropped hints suggesting filming has begun. Is it? Let’s see!

Business Proposal Season 2

Business Proposal Season 2: Renewal Status

Sadly, Netflix hasn’t yet renewed the series for the second run, despite the series being extremely popular on the streaming giant. The Kdrama gained a boost of 11.4% ratings after the final episode, ruling the streaming chart even after wrapping up the show. While the show started with 5.4% viewership ratings, its ratings exponentially increased from the second episode, making it the top-rated show in Seoul. Apart from the local network, the show also topped Netflix’s global top ten Non-English TV list, gaining 102,840,000 million watch hours. It gained a solid 8.1 out of 10 on IMDb too.

Further, the series also bagged plenty of awards for its exceptional storyline and portrayal. Despite that, Netflix hasn’t announced the future of the show. Typically, the streaming giant decides the future of the show based on its performance. However, the show has already made it to Netflix’s expectations, yet the streamer is taking a step back. This is because the renewal is not up to Netflix and is based on the show’s distributor SBS and the producer, Kross Pictures. However, Netflix could influence the decision-making process, yet the streamer remains mum.

Business Proposal Season 2

SBS Canceled Business Proposal Season 2

While Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement, SBS dropped jolting news. SBS commented on the K-drama fan page on Instagram, revealing the fate of the series. When the fans asked whether the show would return for Business Proposal Season 2, SBS revealed that they have no plans to continue Business Proposal. Soon, fans started asking about the reason behind this decision. But the network remained mum. In fact, SBS has yet to announce the Business Proposal Season 2 cancellation officially. But it did drop a comment suggesting there will be no Business Proposal Season 2.

Has Business Proposal Season 2 Undergone Production?

Last October, the series’ lead player teased that they were working on something together. Soon it led the fans to speculate whether they were all set to film Business Proposal Season 2. Many started wondering whether the show would return for a second season. In the snap, Se-Jeong and Hyo-seop appeared together, enjoying their reunion. While the snap left fans in a frenzy, an insider revealed that the two met to shoot an ad. Thus the filming isn’t underway, and there’s a slight chance that the production team will return after SBS cancels the show.

What Happened In The Business Proposal Finale?

Ha Ri And Tae Moo’s Relationship

In the finale, Tae Moo finally learns Ha Ri’s secret, which doesn’t stop him from falling for her. Well, throughout the season, she tried her best to hide her true identity, but she failed in the end. Soon their relationship became public as everyone was aware of their feelings. But it caused problems for both of them as Chairman Kang asked Ha Ri to end the relationship as he disapproved of their relationship. Kang also told Ha Ri to quit her job for Tae Moo’s sake. But she denied it and decided to stay with Tae Moo. However, Chairman Kang had other tricks under his sleeves.

He faked illness in order to keep Tae Moo close to him. But it didn’t stop him from loving her. Despite the differences, Ha Ri looked after Chairman Kang and helped soften his stance. While Ha Ri worked on her relationship with Chairman Kang, their parents approved of their relationship. But the older man forced Tae Moo to go with him to the US for treatment. He asked Ha Ri to join, but she refused and agreed to a long-distance relationship. A year later, Tae Moo returned to Korea and told Ha Ri that the old man had finally approved their relationship. So he proposed to Ha Ri, who accepted it.

Business Proposal Season 2

Yeong Seo Made Life-changing Decision

Meanwhile, Yeong-Seo father had fixed her date with Tae Moo as he wanted to merge their respective companies. But she went against her father’s wishes as Yeong Seo wanted to find someone to fall in love with. She eventually moved out of her home and let fate play its part. She then found an apartment next to Sung Hoon, Tae Moo’s assistant. Despite her flirting, Sung Hoon resisted as he wondered what Tae Moo would think if he found it out.

However, when Sung Hoon saves Ha Ri and Yeong Soo from a creep who tries to film them in the apartment, Yeong Soo finally confesses her feelings. Soon after then, the pair started dating. But her father disapproved of their relationship and was judgemental of Sung Hoon. So Yeong Seo left her father’s company and started a brand new life. Finally, Sung Hoon proposed to her, and they became a newly engaged couple, embarking on their new journey.

Business Proposal Season 2

Is There Any Chance For Business Proposal Season 2?

The series ended on a positive note. While the die-hard fans are looking forward to the next season, it doesn’t seem like the show needs a second season. Chairman Kang finally approved Tae Moo and Ha Ri’s relationship. As for Yeong Seo, she removed herself from her father’s company and his influence. She even started a new life with Sung Hoon. So everything wrapped up perfectly, and there’s no need to stretch their story arc by bringing more drama into their life. But if the network changes its mind, there’s a slight chance they will follow an anthology approach. This is all for now. TechRadar247 will update you.

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