May 20, 2024
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Dance Moms Season 9: It’s A Wrap-Up! Abby Lee Miller Returning

Dance Moms Season 9

Dance Moms Season 9: The highly controversial dance reality show Dance Moms has aired for almost nine years. And many of the young dancers have reached great heights throughout its run. Several of them are at the peak of their career. However, the fate of Dance Moms Season 9 remains in limbo after Abby Lee Miller was involved in a controversy, creating problems for the highly critically-acclaimed show. Despite that, Miller has recently announced that the next installment will return to TV. So is Lifetime looking forward to giving Abby another chance? Well, let’s see! What the network and Abby are planning for the viewers.


American reality TV series Dance Moms follows the lives of young, ambitious dancers and their highly competitive mothers as they compete and train in the dance world. The series revolves around Abby Lee Miller, a skilled, strict, and controversial dance trainer who trains young dancers at Abby Lee Dance Company. Each episode features rehearsals for the competition, as well as conflicts and drama that arise between the mothers and Abby. The mothers often compete with their fellow mothers and argue with Abby.

Dance Moms Season 9: Latest Update

Since the reality show debuted back in 2011, it gained a massive fan following as everyone tuned into Dance Moms to learn more about Abby Lee Miller’s dance team. Because of the show’s successful run over the years, it also returned with several spinoffs. But it’s been four years, and fans wonder whether the show will return with Dance Moms Season 9. Well, the eighth season wrapped up in 2019, so it becomes crucial for fans to learn the series’ fate. But will it return? While the network hasn’t dropped any latest update, Miller has revealed the future of the show.

Dance Moms Season 9

Dance Moms Season 9: Renewal Status

Despite having a massive fan following and being the flagship show of Lifetime, the network hasn’t yet made an official announcement regarding Dance Moms Season 9. It’s been almost four years since fans last saw Dance Moms, and it’s unusual for the network to let its fans wait this long. Typically, the show followed a year-long gap between each season. But for the first time, it hasn’t returned after its last run. It led fans to wonder if the COVID-19 pandemic could be the reason behind such a delay. But several years have passed, and still, Lifetime hasn’t renewed season 9.

Dance Moms Season 9

Reason Behind Cancelation

As of now, Lifetime has no plans to return with Dance Moms Season 9. Earlier, the network and Miller were working on Abby Lee Miller‘s Virtual Dance-Off series. But in June 2020, the network announced it wouldn’t proceed with the series. Well, this decision came out after Abby’s controversy surfaced. After the show wrapped up with the eighth season, Lifetime cut ties with Miller in 2020. It happened after Adriana Smith- mother of Kamryn, who was a part of season 8- accused Miller of her racist comments. Smith shared that her daughter overheard someone affiliated with the show saying they just needed a sprinkle of color which was why they included her.

Smith also shared that Abby stated she grew up in the Country Club while the latter grew up in the HOOD, so there was no comparison between them. It later created a buzz around the internet. Amid the controversy, the network unveiled its plans for Dance Moms Season 9. The network made it clear that they weren’t looking forward to returning with Miller’s show as the change in her attitude was enough to put an end to their signature reality show. But shortly, Abby apologized to her fans through social media. She said she deeply regrets how her words have affected and hurt them, particularly the Black community.

Dance Moms Season 9

Will Dance Moms Season 9 Ever Return?

While Lifetime unveiled that Dance Moms Season 9 won’t return, Abby told Pop Crave that Dance Moms isn’t a done deal. She revealed that the next season is on the cards. But it won’t return on Lifetime. Instead, the show will appear on a different streaming service. She cleared that Dance Moms is now separate from Lifetime, so it’s shot differently. Miller also informed her fans that the show would be slightly different. But they will enjoy learning how things move now.

Dance Moms Season 9

Dance Moms Season 9: Cast Details

Currently, the antagonist of the show hasn’t revealed the entire cast of the ninth season. But Abby Lee Miller emailed The Post that she was searching for new talented kids. She also told Women’s Expo that she went to Dallas to see a bunch of young hopefuls. Miller said whenever she took a class, she was always scouting and loved it. Everyone looks forward to seeing the junior elite team giving their best. So it isn’t easy to reach such a height. Nevertheless, she has yet to announce Dance Moms Season 9 cast.

Dance Moms Season 9

Has Production Begun?

Well, production had already begun back in 2022. Back then, Miller hinted that she was busy working on a “new project.” At that time, she didn’t reveal she was shooting Dance Moms Season 9. However, the dancing star’s caption did hint that she was shooting for the ninth season. She shared a video and images showing a group of young dancers and herself at the Abby Lee Dance Company studio. The snap also featured the show’s iconic and controversial pyramid kept out of sight as the camera crew appeared to film. While her posts suggest that filming has already started, it remains unclear whether or not the filming has wrapped up.

Dance Moms Season 9: Release Date

Well, Miller has already revealed that Dance Moms Season 9 is on the cards. So there’s no doubt about the future of the show. Further, the production started back in August 2022. So considering this, we can expect the production to wrap up soon, including the post-production work. Hence, fans can expect the next season to air in the fall of 2023. But there’s a catch. This time the show won’t return on Lifetime. So it remains unclear where you can watch the series. But TechRadar247 will soon update you. Till then, stay with us.

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