May 24, 2024
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Jake Borelli Weight Gain: Actor’s New Look Will Surprise You!

Jake Borelli Weight Gain

Since Grey’s Anatomy debuted back in 2005, the audience has been obsessed with the fantastic medical drama. And the ensemble cast made the show the most outstanding one. One such cast member is Jake Borelli, who joined the show in season 14 and became a huge part of the series. Many even watch the show to see his story arc and what new challenge aligns with his life. But Borelli’s recent look left fans split. Many are concerned about Jake Borelli weight gain, making it a huge debate topic on social media. So let’s see whether the actor has gained some pounds. Here’s everything you need to know.


Who Is Jake Borelli?

Jake Borelli, born on May 13, 1931, in Columbus, Ohio, has two older brothers, Zack and Ben. From the beginning, he enjoyed painting and had a deep interest in art, and because of his great passion for art, Jake attended art school. During his senior year, he even won a national art competition. After graduating from Upper Arlington High School, Jake was accepted to Ohio State University and the University of California. But instead of going with the two, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

Jake Borelli Weight Gain

But do you know Jake also performed in more than a dozen shows during his years in Columbus? Shortly after landing in LA, he made his TV debut on the Nickelodeon comedy series iCarly, Parenthood, and Disney’s The Thundermans before joining ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy as Levi Schmitt. Grey’s Anatomy has played a huge part in building Jake Borelli’s acting career. Not only this, but Jake has also appeared in NCIS: Los Angeles, VP, True Jackson, Greek, and Suburgatory. Before making his OTT career in Netflix’s Reality High, he did several short films.

Did Jake Borelli Gain Weight?

Jake Borelli has appeared in Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 as Dr. Levi Schmitt. The series began with Richard Webber and Meredith Grey succeeding in re-establishing the residency program at Grey Sloan. So they promoted Levi as the chief resident to look after the five new residents. These five new residents were Simone Griffith, Jules Millin, Benson Kwan, Mika Yasuda, and Lucas Adams. However, Jake’s Levi looks worried fans about Jake Borelli weight gain. So did the actor gain weight because of his character’s demand? Well, the noticeable weight gain is now the point of concern.

Jake Borelli Weight Gain

Jake appeared quite lean in the previous season, but now he has gained some facial fat. Although there’s no official confirmation about Jake Borelli’s weight gain, there are words that he did gain some 15-20 pounds. But the reason behind Jake Borelli weight gain remains unclear. Many speculate that his weight gain may link to his character’s demand. If you remember, Levi had feelings for Nico Kim, who formed a connection with Carlos in the previous season. However, Levi is trying to move on. So perhaps it led him to gain some pounds. But it was fans’ speculation, and the show never confirmed this theory.

But the transformation isn’t playing a significant part in Jake’s character. It doesn’t seem like Jake Borelli’s weight gain is due to the character’s demand. Further, no such news suggests Jake is working on other projects. So, Jake Borelli’s weight gain may be because of his personal life. Well, there is a gap between both the seasons. So his weight gain may be related to his unhealthy lifestyle and lousy diet.

Jake Borelli Weight Gain

Fans Support Jake For Gaining Weight

Soon after the pilot episode debuted and fans noticed Jake Borelli’s weight gain, they started bad-mouthing the actor. His weight gain received a mixed response from the audience. Some started body-shaming and reached out to his social media account to question this huge change. Within a few days, it became a topic of concern. But the medical drama’s die-hard fans stepped forward and supported Jake. They even asked others to focus on his acting instead of his physical transformation.

Is Jake Borelli Gay In Real Life?

In Grey’s Anatomy, Jake plays a gay character. However, Jake’s Levi was first involved with Dr. Wilson, implying he was straight. But in 2018’s episode, he shared a smooch with Alex Landi’s Dr. Nico Kim. The passionate kiss was enough to reveal his character was gay. While many supported their relationship, many wondered whether Jake Borelli was gay in real life. Soon after the episode aired, Jake took to Instagram and shared that the episode was so special to him. He also revealed that Grey’s Anatomy played a part in letting him come out of the closet.

Apart from this, Jake is in a relationship with Chase Willaimson, based on his IG. Chase’s IG reveals that he’s a professional photographer. But it remains unclear when and how these two came together. But isn’t it amazing that Jake has found love in real life despite he faced heartbreak in the show? This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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