April 12, 2024
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Sonic Prime Season 2: BTS Out! Netflix Announces Early Premiere

Sonic Prime Season 2

Netflix’s latest video game adaptation Sonic Prime just hit the streamer last year, and the streamer has already announced their plans for Sonic Prime Season 2. So are you ready to re-explore the high-speed world of Sonic the Hedgehog? Then look no further. This is because the streamer has already promised that Sonic Prime Season 2 will be more thrilling and exciting than the first, with new challenges, new characters, and plenty of action-filled adventures. As the fans await the release of the highly anticipated season, let’s see what Netflix offers us.


Sonic Prime follows the struggle of Sonic, who shatters the Paradox Prism and destroys the universe during a battle with Dr. Eggman. It creates a multiverse known as Shatterspaces, which makes Sonic’s friends alternative versions. It all happens with the help of the Prism shards. But now Sonic needs to fix it. So it leads him to a different universe where he embarks on a journey to settle things. During this journey, he encounters his friends and foes that continue creating more problems for him. But instead of stepping back, Sonic works on his way and achieves some brand new powers.

Sonic Prime Season 2: Latest Update!

Netflix came with the megahit animated series Sonic Prime which already has a huge name in the gaming world. Thus the expectations of the show significantly increased. But fans are worried about Blue Blur’s fate because of the streamer’s dire approach to its animated shows over the past few months. Will he return to the streaming platform? Well, worry no more. Netflix has recently announced the fate of Sonic Prime Season 2. Guess what? The streamer is looking forward to returning with more seasons.

Sonic Prime Season 2

Did Netflix Renew Sonic Prime Season 2?

Fortunately, yes! Netflix has already planned to continue with Sonic Prime Season 2. The future of the second season was made way before the first season premiered. Well, the streamer initially ordered 24 episodes for the animated series. But the first season only consisted of eight episodes. This means there are more episodes slated to come soon. However, it remains unclear how many episodes the next season will have. But considering the first season consist of eight episodes, we predict that Netflix will split the rest of the 16 episodes into two more seasons.

Sonic Prime Season 2 will likely have eight episodes, followed by season 3 with the remaining eight. In fact, the series showrunner Logan McPherson teased that the story hasn’t ended yet and it will continue to explore the main character’s storyline. Thus it supports the above statement that the show will return with two more seasons featuring eight episodes each. Well, the show gained a large fan following soon after its debut, gaining 27.7 million watch hours. It also topped at #5 on the Top 10 Netflix chart. In fact, it earned a solid rating of 7.3 out of 10 on IMDb, while on Rotten Tomatoes, it only gained 60%. But no need to fret. This is because Netflix has already decided to return with Sonic Prime Season 2.

Sonic Prime Season 2

Sonic Prime Season 2: Production Status

On January 19, 2023, Netflix Geeked posted three images of Sonic Prime Season 2’s episodes. While Netflix hasn’t unveiled the production status, the streamer has recently dropped a few pictures of the second season. All the images hint at Sonic’s new adventure and how things will move in the next season. Followed by a leaked gif on Twitter shows Sonic with Blue Prism Shard, and he throws it away.

Soon, more gifs are released that show Black Rose and Rusty Rose fighting Dr. Deep and Mangey and Sonic fighting the Eggforcers. All the pictures and gifs hint that the second season has already wrapped up production. But there’s a chance the show is currently undergoing post-production work based on its required timeframe to finish the animation. So expect to see more such tease in the near future.

What Happened In Sonic Prime Finale?

In the finale, the Chaos Council seized the Shatter Drive after capturing Nine. The Shatter Drive aimed to conquer the entire Shatterverse. But Nine plead them. He convinced them to keep Sonic alive as he could travel across the Shatterverse, and they agreed. Meanwhile, Sonic and the pirates tried to fight against Rusty Rose, but their attempt was unsuccessful in No Place. As for Rusty, she prepared to destroy Sonic and the pirates, but after seeing her Pirate counterpart, she left without saying a word. But their problems didn’t end there. The ship then continued to sink. So Sonic convinced the runaway Dread to rethink his decision.

After Sonic’s words, he resumed his command, and the crew used buoyancy material to keep their ship afloat. As for Sonic, he used his super speed and newfound power to help them reach the shore. With Sonic’s help, they came to Devils’ Lighthouse at full speed. While Sonic and the crew defeated and captured Rusty, Dread met with a dark fate as his obsession to get the Shard captured by Badniks and later knocked off the mountain. But Sonic saved him and disappeared into the Void after touching the Shard. Soon Shadow appeared and revealed their original universe no longer existed because of Sonic’s actions.

Sonic Prime Season 2

Sonic Prime Season 2: Cast Details

As of now, it’s unclear who will return for the next season. Well, in the finale, Shadow revealed that the entire universe was destroyed, and Sonic returned to the Void. So we can expect Ian Hanlin to return to voiceover Shadow The Hedgehog. Deven Mack will also return as Sonic The Hedgehog. Further, the teased clips hints that Shannon Chan-Kent will return as Rusty Rose and Black Rose. Vincent Tong will return as Dr. Deep and Ashleigh Ball as Mangey Tails. But fans can also expect some more characters to return to the second season soon.

Sonic Prime Season 2

Sonic Prime Season 2: Release Date

Netflix has recently teased that the show is set to return, and production is somewhat wrapped up. Further, the showrunner and the streamer stressed that Sonic Prime Season 2 will air sometime in late 2023. It means the post-production will only take a couple of months to wrap up. Netflix has yet to drop the official release date. So be with TechRadar247 to know more.

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