April 13, 2024
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Sarah Snook Weight Gain: Is Succession Actress Pregnant?

Sarah Snook Weight Gain

Sarah Snook Weight Gain: The Australian actress Sarah Snook, best known for her versatile acting in the HBO hit series Succession, has once again become a point of discussion. While fans adore her for her firm decision as Shiv Roy, they are currently wondering about the reason for Sarah Snook’s weight gain. Well, the actress is known for being strict when it comes to her weight and healthy lifestyle. This is why it becomes a concern for fans as they are eager to know what made her gain some pounds. Is it because of her role’s demand? Well, you never know. Instead of wondering, let’s head straight to know what Sarah says about her recent weight gain.


But First, Who Is Sarah Snook?

Born on December 1, 1987, in Adelaide, South Australia, Sarah Snook grew up in Eden Hills. Snook has two elder sisters. But Snook’s parents divorced when she was a kid. She later attended St John’s Grammar School. She then won a drama scholarship to Scotch College then graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney. While at NIDA, she performed in Gallipoli and Macbeth and did several stage shows. Do you know her first paying job was at a children’s birthday party where she played a fairy role?

Sarah Snook Weight Gain

While gaining recognition for her stage appearance, she made her onscreen debut in the film “Not Suitable For Children.” Snook later gave back-to-back hit movies like These Final Hours, Jessabelle, and Predestination. Currently, she plays Siobhan “Shiv” Roy in HBO’s Succession. Apart from Succession, she has three major projects in her hand. In December 2021, she replaced Elisabeth Moss in the horror-thriller film Run Rabbit Run. The following year, Snook was cast in a multi-starrer film, The Beanie Bubble and Kangaroo Valley.

Did Sarah Snook Weight Gain Link To Succession Season 4?

Sarah has been nailing her role as Shiv Roy in Succession, and fans love the character a lot. However, Sarah Snook’s weight gain has created a buzz around the internet. In the recent season, she looks a bit chubbier, leaving fans to wonder about the reason behind her weight gain. Many believe these sudden changes were a part of her character demand, as the third season hinted at her possible pregnancy. However, some believe that it has nothing to do with her role. Sarah Snook’s weight gain is quite visible on the show, and her recent red-carpet appearance reflected that she had gained some pounds.

Sarah Snook Weight Gain

Well, in such an industry, there is always pressure on actresses to maintain a particular physique. But actresses like Sarah Snook refuse to follow unrealistic beauty standards. She always stands out with her fabulous style and incredible acting skills. She has been challenging the entertainment world, demanding “perfect” bodies since her acting debut. So she fears nothing to lose to following this unrealistic beauty standard.

Despite there has been an ongoing debate about Sarah Snook weight gain and her chubby figure, she remained mum to participate in it. In fact, in an interview, she revealed that she no longer works to fit into the narrow beauty standards imposed on the film industry women. Instead, she goes against such a beauty standard, proving that true beauty comes in all sizes and shapes. But it doesn’t mean Sarah didn’t like to stay healthy. In fact, she once embarked on a weight loss journey as well.

Sarah Snook Weight Gain

Sarah Snook Had Lost Some Pounds For Succession

While the actress refused to lose some pounds after gaining a huge amount, there was a time when Sarah Snook weight loss transformation made the headlines. At the beginning of 2019, Sarah prioritized her health and figure by following a strict health and fitness regimen. However, her managers were against her weight loss journey. This was because of her successful portrayal of the “funny chubby girl” in several movies. Despite that, Sarah remained firm in her decision, and her healthy lifestyle and strong determination helped her achieve her goal.

Through her strict nutrition plan and rigorous exercise, she shed 77 pounds, leaving everyone in awe with Sarah Snook’s weight loss transformation. The results were clearly visible when she appeared publicly after staying away from the limelight for so long. She showed up in a show-stopping story-length red outfit with a split hem and off-shoulder neckline. Soon she was praised for her strong determination to lose some pounds, and her fans couldn’t help but marvel at her wonderful transformation. But now it looks like she has some other plans. So what is the reason behind Sarah Snook’s weight gain?

Sarah Snook Weight Gain

Is It Because Shiv Is Ready To Explore Motherhood?

While Succession Season 3 sowed the seeds of Shiv exploring motherhood, Succession Season 4 is far from exploring her being a mom. The show still focuses on the loss of Shiv’s dad and how the siblings deal with the situation. Further, she is facing an awkward position with her husband, Tom. So there’s little to no hope that her character will prepare for motherhood at this point in time. But that doesn’t mean the actress doesn’t want to enjoy such a beautiful moment. And what if we tell you Sarah Snook’s weight gain is actually linked to the star’s pregnancy? Indeed, you read it right!

Several rumors suggest Sarah is pregnant. The rumors mill started when Sarah stepped out in a black dress with her baby bump on display. No doubt, she looked absolutely stunning as she paired her dress with a shimmery silver coverall. Soon many of her fans started discussing the possibility that Sarah Snook’s weight gain is linked to her pregnancy. While fans had their own theory, Sarah told ET she was excited to extend their family. After briefly dating him for a year, Sarah married comedian Dave Lawson in 2021.

Sarah Snook Weight Gain

Sarah joked that it was funny that her character, Shiv Roy, showed her “what not to do” regarding motherhood. But despite that, she’s glad and excited to start this new chapter. Well, Sarah was 35 weeks pregnant in the premiere of Succession Season 4. Thus there’s no chance that the fourth season will explore her pregnancy. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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