May 24, 2024
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The Family Business Season 5 Release Date: Returning Soon!

The Family Business Season 5 Release Date

The Family Business Season 5 Release Date: If you are speculating the drama to be a documentary, then you might be wrong here. Originally created for BET, The Family Business is a crime drama that debuted in 2018 and opened up to mixed reviews as it was billed as a limited series. But then, the team came up with three additional seasons. And since then, the show has set an example of having more than a season, even after being labeled as limited series. Starring an ensemble cast, The Family Business is touted to be of the crime genre, and the dramatic aspect of the story is quite captivating. Moreover, following the release of the fourth installment, fans are anxious about The Family Business Season 5 Release Date. Here’s what we know concerning it!


Created by Carl Weber, The Family Business, was planned for an independent film franchise. But, eventually, it turned out to be a series. Nevertheless, the story has taken its inspiration from a best-selling book series. And it seems like the drama has undergone a couple of variations from the beginning itself. Although it debuted on BET, later on, it moved to BET Plus. Talking about the story, in brief, The Family Business revolves around the Duncans family. The family enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and upper-class privileges as their car dealership business runs exceptionally well. The drama is set entirely in New York City and features Ernie Hudson and Valerie in lead roles.

The Family Business, Bet Plus

Will There Ever Be The Family Business Season 5?

The first installment of The Family Business dropped on November 13, 2018, and lasted till January 29, 2019. And surprisingly, after a couple of months, it was renewed for the sophomore season. The second run was split into two parts, of which the first part premiered in July 2020, while the other half aired in December 2020. Later on, none of the seasons were divided into parts. Well, the latest installment was released on September 1, 2022. Therefore, it has been almost a year since we last saw the Duncan family hustling to grow their business.

Now, as far as The Family Business Season 5 is concerned, there is no official announcement that could confirm the renewal. Neither the broadcasting network nor the official team has dropped a formal statement regarding it. Thus, the future of the series is uncertain, and fans will have to wait for a confirmed piece of update that can clarify its status. Nevertheless, the audience is quite sure that the network will order new episodes very soon. Interestingly some of the media reports claim that the series has been quietly renewed and might release in 2023. But the officials have not confirmed, and so the rumors are spreading rapidly on the internet.

The Family Business, BET Plus

Talking about the chances, The Family Business Season 5 has both the possibilities of being canceled and renewed at the same time. However, there are certain factors that provide insight into the reception and rating. Ever since the drama was released before the fans, it garnered mixed reviews. In addition to this, according to Wikipedia, this series has never reached the mark of one million viewers. Despite such circumstances, the creators have managed to develop several sequels. So, The Family Business might return to the screen. On the other hand, certain population is speculating that the crime drama won’t be back. It is because of the long gap between the latest season and the expected potential installment.

What Will Happen Next In The Family Business Season 5?

There are numerous examples that support the fact of adaptations of book series. Over the years entertainment industry had several contents that took inspiration from a particular novel or book series. But there were very few who succeeded in adapting the story faithfully. One of them is The Family Business. Even though the drama failed to impress the audience to a great extent, most people appreciate it for adapting the story positively. Therefore if renewed, crime family drama will again dive into the book and come up with an interesting story. Besides this, The Family Business will continue a mysterious ride throughout the episodes. Nonetheless, an official synopsis will only be out when a trailer makes its way onto the screens. When it comes to the trailer, the makers will drop it a few days before they plan to release season 5.

The Family Business Season 5 Release Date
The Family Business, BET Plus

Who Will Return In The Next Season?

Ernie Hudson will definitely return to play the character of L.C. Duncan, while Valerie Pettiford will reprise the character of Charlotte Duncan. In addition to them, Darrin Henson and Armand Assante are expected to reprise their roles of Orlando Duncan and Sal Dash, respectively. Apart from them, Yadi Rivera, Emilio Rivera, and Carlos Sotelo might play their characters once again accordingly. On top of that, Javicia Leslie as Paris Duncan and Miguel A. Núñez Jr. as Harris Grant can join the cast of The Family Business Season 5. The other actors who could return are Sean Ringgold, Tami Roman, Clifton Powell, and many others.

The Family Business Season 5 Release Date

Since there is no official announcement, the makers haven’t booked a particular date. However, online rumors suggest the release of The Family Business Season 5 in 2023. If it comes out to be accurate, we might have new episodes by the last quarter of this year. But, if it turns out as false speculation, there is a probability of its release in mid-2024. We will update the section as soon as any important detail shows up. Till then, stay tuned to TECHRADAR247 for more updates about your favorite TV shows!

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