April 13, 2024
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Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss: Singer’s Journey to Get 37 lbs Lighter

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss: Kelly Clarkson has been the topic of uninvited discussion about her sudden weight gain. Since she hit the spotlight on American Idol, many media personalities and fans started calling out changes in size and shape. However, the singer never paid attention to them and continued to flourish in her music career. But her recent appearance made fans wonder about Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss journey and how she shed such a huge amount. While The Voice coach never encouraged anyone to lose some pounds for public image, her look made fans wonder how she changed her mind. So is she now following the beauty standards? Let’s see!


First, A Little About Kelly Clarkson

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Kelly Clarkson is the youngest of three children. Kelly’s parents divorced when she was just six, so her brother went to live with her dad while her sister opted to go with her aunt, while only Kelly stayed with her mom. Kelly grew up in a highly conservative family and was Southern Baptist. Her school teacher had a huge hand in acknowledging her singing talent. It later paved the way for her as she started taking vocal training to secure a college scholarship in music. And her hard work finally paid her well.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss

She got full scholarships to the Berklee College of Music, the University of Texas, and the University of North Texas. But she declined, decided to work on her own songs and later recorded material, and tried to market it to record labels. Initially, it was tough, but she finally received recording contracts from Interscope Records and Jive Records. But Kelly declined the offer as she was confident enough that something better would come. Kelly also appeared as an extra in several TV shows and worked briefly with Gerry Goffin before appearing on American Idol. The show helped her pave her way, and now Kelly’s groundbreaking career is enough to justify her success.

Did Work Out Help Kelly Clarkson In Her Weight Loss Journey?

Not at all! Although Kelly shed significant pounds, she claimed she wasn’t a gym person. She revealed she had never worked out in a red-carpet interview with Extra. Kelly said although people think she was working out and would come to play some sport, it will never happen. In fact, she doesn’t like to exercise. She actually hates working, being sweaty and red. Although she believes it’s good for her heart health, it won’t change her mind. Hence working out doesn’t play any role in Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss journey.

Then How Did Kelly Clarkson Lose Weight?

Kelly soon hit the headlines after fans noticed her slimmer look at the 2018 CMT Music Awards. It soon drew everyone’s attention as they seemed eager to know how Kelly managed to lose such a huge amount. However, Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss has nothing to do with exercise. In fact, she revealed that she followed a restrictive diet that helped her lose some pounds. Kelly said she had an autoimmune disease and a thyroid problem since 2006. So she tried her best to battle against it. But generally, her attempts went in vain in the past.

But Steven R. Gundry, MD’s The Plant Paradox, helped her shed some pounds. It played a huge part in Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss journey. She lost 37 pounds while sticking to this strict diet plan. However, some false rumors soon surfaced that she took weird pills for weight loss or followed odd fat diets. However, the singer shut them down by stating she ate the same stuff she always had. But the difference was it was made from different flours, ingredients, and sugars.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss

After finding The Plant Paradox, Kelly followed the “decent plan” as the book had a list to go by and told what to avoid. It focuses on lectins and inflammation and how to handle the diet. But the fan fact is Kelly never intentionally loses weight. In fact, Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss was a part of her one step toward a healthy lifestyle and avoiding medicine. Now she’s not on any medication anymore.

Keeping A Positive Body Image

While losing pounds wasn’t easy at all, Kelly told Redbook about the pressures she faced for being a curvy woman in the spotlight. She said people always judge whether you lose or gains weight and take issue with her size. They shame you for everything. Kelly mentioned in her interview that the same did happen with Miranda Lambert, who wondered whether she should lose or gain weight. But the worst part is nobody cares about your health, and they are only into aesthetics, said Kelly.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss

However, Kelly had a perfect statement for such people. She said when people think something is wrong with her as she puts on weight, she just turns her b*tchy mode on. She is unapologetically and brutally honest when it comes to Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss and doesn’t believe that people owe her happiness. If she gains or loses weight, it’s a part of her world. Kelly also believes that if you try to live a life based on how people think, you will constantly panic, trying to please everyone.

How Did Kelly Deal With Body Shamers?

She remembered when she was on the show, and people used to call her the biggest girl. However, she wasn’t that big, but people put it in that way. But with time, Kelly learned to ignore it, Kelly told Daily Mail that happiness looks different for everyone, and she had heard a lot, but now she didn’t care anymore. Since 2002, when she appeared in American Idol and won the first season, she has dealt with several body shamers.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss

Kelly Spoke About Industry Pressure

Believe it or not, the singer faced more pressure in her early career than the other celebrities in the music industry. Kelly told Glamour UK that magazines used to compare her with the celebrities looked like at the time. Well, back then, she was skinny, and she faced body shaming for that. Despite this, she stayed confident and fought more than she does now. She believed in her skills and was ready to turn the table with her music. However, her own show’s work environment turns out to be “toxic.”

Many of The Kelly Clarkson Show’s staff members recently stated that the work environment is toxic and they are underpaid and unappreciated. However, the problem isn’t with Kelly. As per the reports, the anonymous staffers said Kelly is fantastic, but the number of producers is making their lives hell. Soon after the statement surfaced, Kelly posted on Instagram that anyone who is feeling disrespected or unheard on their show is unacceptable. She also said she is committed to maintaining and creating a safe and healthy environment at her show. This is all for now. Stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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