Hannah Murray Weight Gain

Hannah Murray Weight Gain: Is GOT Star Still Fighting With Anorexia?

Game Of Thrones star Hannah Murray stole the audience’s heart with her mesmerizing acting skills in the HBO series. But Hannah Murray’s weight gain left fans wondering whether the actress was expecting something. It soon led to a fandom discussion where many voiced their concern and also discussed the possibility of her being pregnant. But was she pregnant back then? While many came up with their own theory, some believed Hannah Murray’s weight gain was to be blamed. Well, Hannah is known for her brilliant acting career and her debut as Cassie in Skins. That made fans believe the actress shares the same health complication with her role. But is it true? Keep reading to find it out.

Who Is Hannah Murray?

Born on July 1, 1989, Hannah’s parents worked at the University of Bristol. Her father was a professor at the university, while her mother was a research technician. At the age of 17, Murray learned about E4 teen drama and gave auditioned for the teen drama series Skins. Her acting skills impressed the series producers, and she was cast as a self-destructive teenager with an eating disorder, Cassie Ainsworth. However, Hannah left the show after the second season. She claimed that she didn’t want to play a teenager when she wasn’t a teenager anymore. She later made her stage debut in the critically acclaimed That Face. While building her acting career, she took a break from acting to continue her studies. Hannah attended Queens College Cambridge and earned an English degree. Later she attended North Bristol Post 16 Centre.

Hannah Murray Weight Gain

Amid this, she appeared in several recognizable roles. However, the actress hit the headline when HBO announced Murray would join Game Of Thrones in 2011. Hannah appeared in The Numbers Station, an action thriller film the following year. She later rejoined Skins as a more serious, solemn, and independent adult for the final season. It quickly upturned her career, and she received nominations at the Off West End Awards for her marvelous performance. Her 2017 film was critically acclaimed and broke all the records. Till now, Hannah has played several notable roles and earned huge recognization from them. 

Fans Speculated: Hannah Murray Weight Gain Is Because Of Her Eating Disorder?

Soon after Hannah starred as Cassie in Skins, fans wondered whether the actress had an eating disorder. This is because her character suffered from anorexia and had a disturbed eating disorder. As per Hannah’s role, the teenager had an eating issue for six years and aimed to stay lean at any cost. Cassie suffered from a condition with dietary restrictions, low weight, disturbed body image, and fear of gaining weight. It made Hannah Murray’s weight gain seem impossible. Thus many fans started speculating that the actress was also facing the same issue.

Hannah Murray Weight Gain

However, Hannah had never addressed such rumors. Although Hannah was outspoken about her character’s health and how empathic she was for her, she never said she faced the same health complications. But it actually helped her to stretch her boundaries and go beyond her limits. Do you know Hannah also gave up her diet to attain such a body type to fit in her role? Yet, she appeared in several lean roles before portraying Gilly in Games Of Thrones. It quickly left fans wondering whether Hannah Murray’s weight gain was linked to her health condition.

As stated above, Hannah played several lean roles before appearing in Games Of Thrones, where she was unrecognizable. Her chubby cheeks and curvy figure left her fans wondering about Hannah Murray weight gain journey. Soon many took to social media and started showing their concern for the actress. Many believed that the eating disorder led to such an enormous amount of weight gain. On the contrary, some came up with conflicting theories. But the actress didn’t address such rumors.

Was Hannah Murray Pregnant During Games Of Thrones?

Hannah Murray Weight Gain

While there were rumors that Hannah Murray’s weight gain had something to do with the eating disorder, many believed she was expecting a baby. The rumor mill began after the eighth season of Game Of Thrones premiered. In the second episode, Hannah’s Gilly looked a little rounder in the face, and her slight weight gain had fans speculating that Hannah may be pregnant while filming the final season. According to the reports, she flashed her baby bump while enjoying a meal with her co-stars. Many believed that she was expecting a child with her long-time partner.

Another source revealed that Hannah just drank water instead of wine while raising several toasts during the show’s premiere. It was quite odd and “highly unusual.” However, her rep refused to comment on Hannah’s personal life. So it appeared just speculation then, considering Hannah’s keeping her life incredibly private. Well, considering the filming took place between 2017 and 2018, she could have given birth by now. But there’s no such news about her kid. So it seemed like Hannah Murray weight gain was behind her sudden change in looks. So wasn’t she pregnant back then? It doesn’t look like though, as there is little to no news on her pregnancy. 

Hannah Murray Weight Gain: Did She Put On Weight?

Hannah Murray Weight Gain

Hannah Murray’s weight gain has always been the talk of the town. Her curvy figure and little belly fat seemed to have nothing to do with Hannah’s pregnancy. Instead, it looked like it was all connected to her sudden weight gain. Many fans came to the conclusion after looking closely at her images from 2017, 2018, and 2019. All these years, she seems to have gained a slight amount of weight. But many believe the director decided to write her character as pregnant, which was why Hannah Murray’s weight gain journey began. As for the actress, she had never opened up about such rumors and also remained away from the limelight to avoid such body-shamming.

In fact, Hannah doesn’t use social media. The actress tries to keep her life as private as possible. Thus it’s unclear whether Hannah Murray’s weight gain was behind the so-called baby bump. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated. 


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