April 23, 2024
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Luke Bryan Weight Gain: Singer Blamed Wife For His Extra Weight!

Luke Bryan Weight Gain

Luke Bryan Weight Gain: Whenever it comes to American singers, some of the popular faces always win the competition. One such name is Luke Bryan. He is popularly known as a country singer and pursues his career as a songwriter as well. In addition to this, Bryan is a famous TV personality who has appeared on the screen various times. He has been on the stage of the American Idol. His initial albums created history in the industry as they consisted of 27 hits. If you have been following him over the years, then you must know that he is considered the most successful singer of the past decade. Moreover, he recently appeared on a show that gave birth to headlines regarding his weight gain. Here’s what we know about Luke Bryan Weight Gain!


The American country singer was born in Georgia on July 17, 1976. His parents, LeClaire and Tommy Bryan, did not belong to the music industry; instead owned a peanut farm. Luke decided to move to Nashville for his education and career, but his brother’s unexpected death caused a certain delay. Interestingly, he did not pursue any music major in his education. The 46-year-old holds a degree in Business Administration. However, he used to sing in different cafes and bars and originally bagged success as a songwriter. When it comes to his accolades, Bryan has received prestigious awards from the Academy of Country Music Awards and the Country Music Association. Not only this, the artist held the title of Entertainer of the Year five times. Hence, his success is a lot more than what we can actually express in words!

Luke Bryan Weight Gain
Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan Weight Gain: Did He Put On Weight During The Pandemic?

Recently, people are claiming that Luke has gained weight, and the increased body weight is quite significant. He marked his presence in the CMA Fest last year, and that was when the rumors sparked. Although there are no official reports that clarify the above-mentioned fact, Globe (a tabloid) has mentioned an increase of almost 40 pounds in Bryan’s weight. It went on to state further that the singer had put on weight during the pandemic. The lockdown made him sit at home, and thus, a lack of motivation could have been the reason for Luke Bryan’s weight gain.

Some of the media sources claimed that the singer’s bulky stomach was a result of his laziness. It is quite possible that Bryan might have lacked the motivation to follow his regular fitness regime, which caused him to lie on his couch. According to the Globe, the TV personality was heavily dependent on junk foods and oily snacks, which resulted in a bulky figure for him. Moreover, his increased weight has made his fans concerned about his health and well-being. Well, one of the online media houses has mentioned him as a ‘doughboy.’

Luke Bryan Weight Gain
Luke Bryan

On the other hand, Globe was criticized for focusing solely on celebrities’ size and shape. The trollers on the internet have added extra spice to the matter. The American Idol judge does not feel inferior and shameful about his weight. He is still confident about carrying his body publicly, but the media and especially Twitterati have exaggerated the issue.

Is Wife Caroline Responsible For Luke Bryan’s Weight Gain?

Luke Bryan married Caroline Boyer in 2006, and since then, they have been together. The couple has two sons, and the entire family lives in Nashville. Well, when it comes to Caroline helping her husband in achieving a healthy figure, there are several rumors surfacing online that hint towards a shocking claim. Abiding by the report of Globe, Bryan was into exercising much and relied upon junk food. And the entire matter could have been different if his wife had supported him to maintain his physique.

Talking about the speculations doing rounds on the internet, netizens believe that Caroline did the worse by bringing snacks and stuffing the refrigerator with packaged food items. One of the sources close to the celebrity revealed that Luke’s friends advised him to control his weight or else he would end up resembling Garth Brooks. Media outlets also claim that the country star weighs around 225 pounds and also has a double chin.

Luke Bryan Weight Gain
Luke Bryan With His Wife Caroline Boyer

Luke Bryan Opens Up About His Fitness Routine!

The ‘One Margarita’ singer spoke to Men’s Health, where he came up with some interesting facts about his exercises and fitness routine. The singer discussed his craziest experience, where he said that he could not work out every day. Bryan went on to add that he loved cycling, and ever since he tried it, it completely changed his life. Apart from cycling around, the celebrity used to jog and jump as well. On the other hand, the American Music Awards winner shared his favorite margarita recipe, where he prefers mixing 4oz. Tequila, 2oz. Grand Marnier, and Tres Agaves margarita mix.

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